498a 406 on In-laws JUST on woman’s allegation ! The Gamble called marriage – Oct 10 2015

As per this news @ Tribune India, a couple (probably FIL and MIL) have been charged with 498A and 406, though the woman (the complainant wife of course) is alleging additional dowry demands. The reason for adding 406 is not so obvious !

However it’s become almost a routine to add IPC 406, claim inflated dowry payments and demand return of the same WITHOUT any proof whatsoever. We have blogged many such cases in this blog

Once charged with 406, once allegations are made about Dowry articles NOT being returned, If the in laws are unable to cough out such ridiculous amounts, in later stages of the case / investigation they are denied bail and incarcerated

Marriage is turning out to be the number one gamble in India !!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER : We publish the news below purely as an illustration
and WITHOUT any comments about the veracity of the complaints herein.


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