Ahimsa Paramo Dharma ! The power of NON violence . Why be an MGTOW ?

The more i read these cases of matrimonial fued , the deceit, the loot of money, the servitude men are put Thru in the name of women friendly laws, the more I am convinced that marriage is a HUGE gamble for Indian men .

Men have lost tons of money , peace and thousands commit suicide every year ( married men commit 2x suicide in india , that # is growing year on year !! )

If you are ready loose life liberty and happiness take that gamble get married

If not , take care !

I’m from a land where Indians stated a NON cooperation movement against the Post war British empire , an empire that spanned many continents , a power that controlled the seas, a power that won against Hitler and Japanese … Still NON cooperation won . British left their crown jewel . Colonialism never recovered from that blow . If sufficient number of Indian men decide NOT to marry, just for the next few years , the anti male court system , the anti male laws and apparatus will collapse, collapse soon, say in 10 years !! Probably even less

But if we keep running behind these Ablaas pampering every inflated ego, there will never be a permanent solution. There is great power in non violence . There is great power in large number of ppl being non violent. So BOTH are essential. It has to be non violent , it has to be a mass movement

God bless honest men and their near and dear ones

#MGTOW , #falsecases , #WhenWillWeBeHeard


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