Mumbai Girl Lures Boyfriend To Carter Road Promenade, Gets Him Killed By A Gang Of Five

His girlfriend’s lethal ambush

Kunal Anand, September 30, 2015

Source : mid-day

After his girlfriend (name withheld) called him to Mumbai’s Carter Road promende, he drove from Khar where he was out with friends. She had laid a lethal ambush for him, and he was stabbed by five. Saif Mirza, friend of the deceased, told Mid-Day “On Monday evening, we were at a pub in Khar. Around 11 pm Khan got a call from his female friend, asking him to meet her at Carter Road. We were unaware of her intentions but as Khan was keen to meet her, we accompanied him.”

It began with an argument

Mirza added, “Once we reached Carter Road, the girl met Khan and they were having a conversation. A while later it turned into a heated argument and we could see them walking away from us. A few people were standing near the spot where they were arguing. We did not find anything suspicious initially, but when we couldn’t see Khan we rushed over to see where he was.” He added that the group of people that he had spotted took off on their bikes in a hurry. “We rushed to the place (where Khan was) and found him in a pool of blood. He was unconscious,” said Mirza.

Khan’ was rushed by his friend to a nearby Santacruz hospital, where he declared dead on arrival. Soon after a case was registered with the Khar police, and a murder weapon was recovered in a gutter.

Everyone suspects the girl

A member from Khan’s family said, “The female is the main conspirator in the case but the cops are shielding her. Only one accused has been arrested till now.” The police also suspect the girl. Senior Police Inspector Dattatray Bargude of Khar police station said: “We suspect the involvement of the girl. It is clear that she is the reason behind the murder. All are detained, we are investigating the matter.”



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