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The gamble called Indian marriage !! What our elders did not anticipate !!

* some small % of the population is addicted to gambling

* 99.xy % is NOT

* this is for the 99.xy %

* elders told us ( you and me )!that horse racing is bad. They told us it is sin .

* they told us gambling is bad karma

* they told us that you have to work for your bread

* alas !!! they did not know that in this century marriage will be a GREAT Indian gamble

* if you are NOT addicted to gambling, do not marry in india

* Never marry unless U are broke and jobless and there is NITHING left to gamble

* Never marry If U care about your mother and sister being in jail.

* never marry because he said or she said or they laughed. they won’t join u in jail they won’t come to your company when company fires u due to false DV dowry case. You have to save your ass.

* do yoga, do meditation, buy sex dolls or enjoy paid sex as is legal in your geography and morally ok for you.

* Most Indians never had sex before marriage. Most men do Not Get sex 20 years after marriage. So if u live to be eighty, you have NO SEX for 60 years and sex for 20 that too limited sex after 2 children, so put things in perspective, it’s very little sex overall and very big gamble.

* live without this marriage or living-in with a woman. This is 2015. If and when they change laws we can re write this code.m in 20… 30 .. 40 years

* in a legal situation or in a DV case, where you are against a young woman, all other men, mediators, the law, the layers, the police, the courts and all will side with the young woman – that’s how the system is wired, that’s how male DNA is , thats how Society is, that’s why you have one sided laws and law enforcement. This is the hard plain biology and psychology. Will take decades to change.

* don’t worry about society. Don’t worry about NOT having children or North Korea taking over !!!

* Do u really want your son to get into this shit ?? Tell me honestly

* yes false rape may hit you , thunder may strike , gummint bus may run over you …. But you aren’t reading my FB timeline because a coconut fell on ur head !!!!