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Somnath’s wife thanks Kejriwal ! Lessons men should learn

Somnath’s wife thanks Kejriwal !
Somnath Bharti of AAP, charged by his wife of many bizarre deeds, seems to be planning to hide till he files bail petiton at Supreme Court.

He must be betting on some good cards o get him an AB

However friend and comrsde Arvind Kejriwal openly asks Somnath to surrender! Soon some AAP member may turn Somnath in because police are threatening to arrest others helping Somnath !! In that same tweet, Kejeriwal is saying somnath is an embarrassment ! Taking this opportunity Simnath’s wife is thanking Kejriwal !!!

This is an important lesson to other politicos and Alfas. ONLY men’s rights groups will fight with you till the end. Politicians will go with the vote banks and opinion swings ! Even relatives may ditch you . Lots of aquaintneces will NOT even wish u good morning after you get stuck with DV or 498a !! Beware of fair weather friends and such relations . Only honest men will believe you and trust you.

Join other men affected by anti male laws. Work for men’s welfare. Become a MRA ( or similar activist)