Woman kills husband, hides body in septic tank for a week, claims domestic abuse !

Woman kills husband, hides body in septic tank for a week, claims domestic abuse !

Saturday, 22 August 2015 – 6:35am IST | Agency: dna | From the print edition

Fed up with domestic abuse, a 34-year-old woman in South-West Delhi allegedly murdered her husband and hid the body in a septic tank for nearly a week. Identified by police as Seema Bhardwaj, a housemaker, strangulated her husband and hid the body after which she went to stay with her relatives. She kept the secret to herself till Thursday evening before finally breaking the news to her brother-in-law’s wife. A team searched the premises and found the decomposed body of Seema’s husband in the said location.

Seema was arrested when her brother-in-law and her own brother approached the Delhi police and told them about the location of the body. Seema’s husband, was identified by authorities as Shri Om Bhardwaj (40), who was a driver by profession. The couple had been living at their current residence in Surat Viahar village of Najafgarh alongwith their two children, a 10-year-old son and a daughter (7).

Seema during her questioning told police, that she married Bhardwaj nearly 12 years ago and the marriage did not run into trouble until the couple had their first child. "She told the investigators that the deceased used to drink every night and would routinely fight with her over petty issues. The family had been living in the area for nearly three years and we are questioning the neighbours to get a clearer picture as to what might have led to the murder," said a senior police officer. The officer added that Seema after confessing to the murder told investigators that she had gotten sick by the bickering with her husband but had not thought of taking the extreme step.

On August 15, however, Bhardwaj came more drunk as usual and allegedly got into a fight with her. "The accused then strangulated her husband. She hid the body in the empty storage space in the bed. The next morning she sent the children to the school and like every other day but once she was alone, she shifted the body to a septic tank.

She also covered the tank with cloth so that smell would not emanate from the container," said R A Sanjeev, Deputy Commissioner of Police, South-West district.

According to police, Seema broke the news to her family after she started to get uneasy about the repercussions of what she done. The family decided to approach the police following which she was arrested. The children are currently staying with her relatives. The body meanwhile was sent for an autopsy and Seema produced in court.

source DNA India


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