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Dubai police arrest Indian wife & PAKISTANI lover boy for sex OUTSIDE marriage !!

an Indian NRI calls Dubai police after he finds out that his wife is cheating with a PAKISTANI !! and the police arrest the wife !! My respect and salute to the laws of Dubai, and to the Dubai police !

In India, u/s 497, the wife canNOT be charged with Adultery, !!!

News from The National news paper / website

Indian man called Dubai police on cheating wife after uncovering affair on WhatsApp, court told

Salam Al Amir

November 7, 2014 Updated: November 7, 2014 03:44 PM


A man who accidentally saw a text on his wife’s mobile phone sent to a strange man followed her and found that she was cheating on him.

The Indian, BH, 45, then called police, who arrested the woman and her lover in his apartment in Sports City.

Prosecutors charged the Indian wife, AS, 35, and her Pakistani lover, MA, 43, a general manager, with having consensual sex outside wedlock.

The woman said that she met MA while visiting a Nakheel office and the two spoke about the economy and trading.

“He asked for my number and I gave it to him — I really liked his character and then we became more intimate and we started to meet,” said AS.

At Dubai Court of Misdemeanours she confessed and asked for her husband’s forgiveness. “This is not related to the case but a personal matter between you and your husband,” the presiding judge told her.

However, in court the Pakistani lover denied the charge after allegedly confessing to being involved with the woman for nearly six months.

“On the day of the arrest she knew I was at the apartment and said she would come to have dinner with me,” said MA.

“I said no because I was exhausted as I had just come from travel but she came and we ordered dinner. When the door bell rang, I opened up to pick up the dinner order and there were police out there. “It was then I knew that her husband had lodged a complaint.”

He added that she had visited his flat three times before their arrest.

Records show that in August the husband saw a text message in his wife’s WhatsApp messenger from a man he did not know.

“I knew she had an affair after I checked the messages and I found many messages between her and this man, some of which included intimate words and her desire to see him,” said the husband, who is a marketing manager.

“One of the messages said that they will meet in a flat in Sports City so I followed her and called police, who came and arrested both.”

A verdict is due on November 24.



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Father of a lovely daughter, criminal in the eyes of a wife, son of an compassionate elderly mother, old timer who hasn’t given up, Male, activist

Men Going their own way (MGTOW), something similar to Brahmacharya or simply “staying single”

Due to the recent spate of false cases, fake alimony claims against husband, arrest of elders / sisters and other anti family moves which invariably lead to many years lost and / or huge alimony settlements, increasing number of men are deciding to live unmarried.

A new term called MGTOW or Men going their own way, has been coined by such men, representing their state / decision.

Of course the general society is astounded and asks “…what will happen to you IF you stay single …”

Well actually NOTHING will happen to you ! You will be happy and richer in most cases. If you have ANY doubts on me saying that, visit the nearest family court or civil court and look at all the matrimonial cases and alimony / child support paid

While on this subject some people also ask, WHY not change these laws ? why not change the way courts work, why not involve in peaceful protests against anti male cases and arrests ?

My answer is simple and as follows. To get to some sort of equality where men will stand some chance,
=> Ist We need gender neutral laws;                       => then we need gender neutral police;
=> and then we need gender neutral courts,           => then gender neutral media
=> and also gender neutral society
=> ..and ……. => ..and ……. => ..and …….

This list is long. All this will take minimum 2 decades or more … so back to basics “….lemme be MGTOW till then …” !!