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Divorce filed ’12, NO hearing till July’15. HC says ‘as expeditiously as possible’. How many yrs is that ?

The slow, very slow movement of matrimonial legislation, the amount of NORMAL time taken to finish a case, are all be seen to be believed.

In this case The petitioner filed H.M.O.P.No.202 of 2012, before the learned Subordinate Judge, Pudukkottai, praying for divorce. Husband files counter in Aprl 13, but nothing much happens after that ! So wife runs to HC seeking remedy after approx three years !! All that the HC states is to dispose the case “..expeditiously as possible…” !! There is NO time limit set by the HC. Are there any penalties or other consequences for delay ? NONE seen from the order !!

I can’t understand how ppl still get married believing this system ??



DATED: 08.07.2015


C.R.P.(PD)(MD)Nos.1135 of 2015

T.Mohana : Petitioner


M.Venkatesan : Respondent


Civil Revision Petitions are filed under Article 227 of the Constitution of India, to direct the Subordinate Judge, Pudukkottai for early disposal of H.M.O.P.No.202 of 2012 on the file of the Subordinate Judge, Pudukkottai.

!For Petitioner : Mr.P.Thiagarajan
^For Respondents : No Appearance
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The petitioner filed H.M.O.P.No.202 of 2012 before the learned Subordinate Judge, Pudukkottai, praying for a decree of divorce on the ground of cruelty.

2.The respondent filed counter as early as on 13 April 2013.

3.It is the case of the petitioner that nothing was heard thereafter. The petitioner wanted the trial Court to dispose of the original petition as expeditiously as possible.

4.Heard the learned counsel for the petitioner. None appears on behalf of the respondent inspite of printing his name in the cause list.

5.The learned Subordinate Judge, Pudukkottai is directed to dispose of the petition in H.M.O.P.No.202 of 2012, as expeditiously as possible.

6.The civil revision petition is disposed of with the above direction. No costs.

To The Subordinate Judge, Pudukkottai.

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