Wife goes back to hubby’s place aftr a first case and compromise. She files 498a again & Hubby arrested this time ! Lesson for taking wife 498a back!

A Wife goes back to her matrimonial home after an initial complaint case and compromise on that initial case. But she leaves the matri home and files 498a (second time complaint case!). This time the Hubby is arrested! This is a good Lesson for all those planning to take back FALSE 498a filing ablaa wife!

There is grave danger in letting in someone who has evil designs of getting you arrested… The second time over they MAY file a much more stronger case! Here, in this case, the hubby is in cooler for approx 6 months before release

“….prior to filing of the present complaint case, the complainant had filed a complaint case against the petitioner, in which, compromise arrived at between the parties and the complainant went to the house of the petitioner but she again left her matrimonial home and filed the present case, which is nothing but only a glaring example of misuse of Section-498A of the Indian Penal Code….”

Say what you want, the husband IS IN JAIL and now the HC releases him on BAIL!

read full post here : http://evinayak.tumblr.com/post/122325131424/wife-goes-hubby-home-aftr-compromise-files-498a


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