Ablaa nari, officer in INTERNATIONAL bank, gets matri case transferred 450 km away from husband’s home !!

Ablaa nari, officer in INTERNATIONAL bank, gets matri case transferred 450 km away from husband’s home but the story does NOT end there !!

A husband files a matrimonial case. The wife, working for an INTERNATIONAL bank at Chennai,  wants case transferred to Chennai because it is DIFFICULT for her to go to husband’s place and attend the case. The husband is a school teacher.

I would hazard a guess that INTERNATIONAL bank officers earn much more than school teachers. I would also Hazard a guess that INTERNATIONAL banks make their employees travel all around globe and employees cannot object (terms of contract). Many such women travel alone, around the world ! Still this woman claims she cannot attend the Matri case at her husband’s place which is within Tamil Nadu, because it is 450 KM away from her home !!..

The Husband argues that transfer to Chennai will unduly delay the case as Family courts in Chennai are already overburdened. The Lordships at Madras HC transfer the case to Chennai and are now finding out IF MORE COURTS are to be opened in Chennai or if the workings of the courts are to be changed! Thanks to the honourables for taking care of our women !!

******************** news from TOI *********************

HC sets out to put family courts in order

TNN | Jun 18, 2015, 12.51 AM IST

CHENNAI: Amid piling up of cases in four family courts in Chennai, and criticism that they grant long adjournments and are slow in disposals, the Madras high court has called for details of pending cases, number of new cases and the problems faced by judges in dealing with litigants and advocates.

Justice N Kirubakaran suo motu impleaded law secretary and registrar general of the high court, taking note of grievance expressed by advocates that family courts spend most of the time in calling cases and fixing dates.

Among the details Justice Kirubakaran raised were the number of cases filed each year during the past 10 years before family courts in Chennai, and year-wise disposal of cases. He sought to know the number of cases which were settled through compromise every year.

Whether or not the existing courts are sufficient to handle the cases being filed, he asked, adding, “If not, how many additional courts are necessary?” He also queried whether the existing staff strength in these family courts are enough, and asked, “What are the problems faced by judicial officers while dealing with the parties and advocates?”

Besides the necessity, if any, for appointment of more counselors or counseling centres, he called for suggestions from advocates and others to help improve disposal of family court cases in Chennai.

Justice Kirubakaran framed these questions when a petition filed by a woman seeking transfer of her matrimonial dispute case from a Perundurai court to Chennai came up for hearing. An officer with an international bank’s Chennai branch, the woman said her husband had filed the divorce petition in a Perundurai court, located 450km from Chennai. Expressing her inability and difficulty to travel 900km for every hearing, she wanted the case to be transferred to Chennai.

The husband, a school teacher, however, opposed the plea, saying the transfer would pose problems, as family courts in Chennai were already grappling with a large pendency of cases, and disposal of his case would be delayed considerably.

It was his contention regarding delay that prompted Justice Kirubakran to frame questions regarding the number of new cases and disposals in family courts in Chennai. As for the case on hand, he ordered the transfer of the case to Chennai saying: “The petitioner, hardly 29 years old, is living with her parents in Chennai and, as a lady, it is impossible for her to travel to Perundurai covering 900km for every hearing.”



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