Is everyone telling you to RUN and quash the case ? you think it’s easy ? read this post again !

When one is hit with 498a initial reactions are a mixture of “why me”, “It can’t happen to me … there is something wrong her..” , “I’m honest so I’ll be declared innocent, not guilty in three months (or say very soon ) , etc.. etc…

Slowly the mood changes to anger, anxiety etc

At this point some people think they can run to the High court and quash the case

they must have read something somewhere and will assume a quash is easy piecy

A quash isn’t easy IF you haven’t planned well and in many cases it isn’t easy EVEN If you have planned a lot

Many a time a Quash is a risky proposition

some times it is a pure gamble … its just expecting you can convince the judge and get a quash

Read this case for details

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