Don’t File Fake Rape, Try Fake Dowry Instead !!!

* Women are advised NOT to file fake rape cases..

* There are MANY disadvantages in filing fake rape

* Take for example, Cops and judges do NOT like fake rape, and fake rape artists will be jailed as in this case posted below .Gummit, cops etc dislike fake rape because that spoils the name of “law and order” i.e. it spoils their name in society !! Opposition parties use this to attack the ruling party

* Also why run around with fake rape when there are much better means ?

* Indian Women can continue to marry gullible men and then file fake dowry cases against husbands and mothers in law.

* There the rewards are generally quite good, Also in case of Fake dowry cases, gummint will make some noses by NEVER ARREST fake dowry wife or fake father in law (accomplice)

Screenshot - 15_06_2015 , 18_18_31

Posted under category : Satire !


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