More Indian women want to get raped as rapists run for cover

Well researched article on the RAPE epidemic in India !! Must read for ALL male feminists, female feminists and other mere mortals

Analysts have come out with really intriguing stats to show that more and more Indian women are getting fond of being raped while the rapists are running for cover.

It is found by comparing the census data of the years 2001 and 2011 that the percentage of men who are refusing to rape (read marry) is increasing in India.



Of the overall male population in India it is found that there was a 4% increase in men who were refusing to rape whereas the females who wanted to get raped seemed to have increased to almost 50% in 2011 from that of 42% in 2001.

Some international groups have done study that had shown 75% Indian wives are raped by their husbands and 90% suffer domestic violence. Since feminists also claim most of the women don’t even raise their voice, we understand that their statistics included almost all Indian men…

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