can I be arrested B4 the case goes to court ?

I’m really saddened by young Indian men asking me “… Can I be arrested by the police .., can my parents be arrested ..?” “..There has been NO DUE PROCESS , no opportunity for me to legally defend myself, and can I be arrested even at that preliminary stage? ”

Then I ask them are they “..married ? ”

Married men and their parents can be arrested anytime anywhere just on the words of the wife … right ?


Thanks for valuable comments on social media, I add the following caveat to the statement above

1. Wherever possible, go with SIF friends / trustworthy friends when going to police station or a CAW cell or for mediation centers in matrimonial disputes

2. Be polite. Both you and your companions have to be completely polite and respectful of the police. Do not raise ur voice even if opposite side raises their voice. Be calm. Nothing gets decided on that day, so stay calm even if opposite side tries to instigate you.

3. Tell them you are innocent & ready to fight. This is important. Your fear is the opponents weapon / strength. Your mental strength and calm attitude will make them retreat.

4. Keep CRPC 41a notifications and Arneesh Kumar judgements handy (search this blog for references to Arneesh Kumar case). This is to be used, just in case the fear of arrest is dangled. Even then be polite and courteous.

5. Network ….. Network …. Network with other married men hit with cases … Attend police stations with them to know the situations , to observe and help … That will help u greatly in your fight

6. Do not expect ANY mercy just because you are innocent or because you are a husband !!! Husbands are considered @$$holes unless proven otherwise


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Father of a lovely daughter, criminal in the eyes of a wife, son of an compassionate elderly mother, old timer who hasn’t given up, Male, activist

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