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should we rejoice or should we mourn politicos hit by DV and dowry cases ??

Ex wife alleges a politico tried to kill her !! case is filed and the politico resigns his post. This is another chapter in the sad saga of careers lost, years of hard work lost in India, in the name of women’s appeasement

In this cacse the charges are NOT yet proven.

In many such cases it comes to light that the charges are false and motivated by anger or greed

Still men loose money, career and name. Society looses the support and services of honest men

While I write all this, I’m left with a quandy

I’m unable to decide for myself, IF I should mourn politicos caught in their own trap ??

The congress and communists have been in the forefront of women appeasement

they have enacted and supported every law possible to milk men, to bleed men, to arrest and defame men and thier families

Now one of them is caught in their own trap

What should our response be ??

Readers, brothers, YOU decide !

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Former wife accuses T Siddique of murder bid (and later he steps down from KPCC post!)

Thursday, May 21, 2015 11:41 hrs IST

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T. Siddique

Kozhikode: KPCC general secretary T. Siddique’s former wife, Nazeema, has accused that he tried to murder her.

Nazeema filed a complaint with Kozhikode police commissioner against the Congress leader. In her complaint, she said that Siddique and his aides manhandled and threatened to kill her at a hospital here when she went there for treatment.

The Kozhikode First Class Judicial Magistrate court had the other day registered a complaint against Siddique on charges of domestic violence on a complaint filed by Nazeema.




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