Male benefits !! Saudi women express reluctance to marry men in blue-collar jobs

Arab News

Saudi women express reluctance to marry men in blue-collar jobs


Some Saudi women look down at the idea of marrying a man practicing trades such as mechanic or electrician, but others believe that anyone earning money in an honorable work is good enough.

A photographer, Mansurah, claims that while she does not object to the idea of marrying a man practicing some trade aside of his primary job, she states she wouldn’t want her husband’s main profession to be that of a blue-collar one. The reason is mainly financial, she states, since she fears that such men would not be able to provide her with a comfortable lifestyle. She also wants her groom to be a university graduate like her.

Medical student Nadiah Jowhar has no objection in making a man with a blue-collar job her life’s partner provided he is making a decent earning. However, she added he hopes his projects may grow as time passes on and he will be able to provide for the family.

Photographer Abeer Bajanduh said some women are not keen on marrying men who work on certain trades because of material considerations and because of the poor social status associated with such jobs.

Painter Taghrid Wazna is not willing to marry an electrician or plumber because these days material needs are expensive.

“I would consider marrying a interior decorator or dress designer because he will be working for a company unlike an electrician or trader who will be on his own,” she said.

According to Wazna it is not the trade that matters but the money a man earns. Ghadah Shatibi, who works in Public Relations, said she did not mind marrying a mechanical engineer if he can set up a home for her and raise a family.

Wafa Mokhtar concurred with her, arguing that any man with an honest job and a decent income is good enough for a husband. She preferred a man with a freelance job, rather than an office employee because she believes that such a man can reach the top if he likes his job.

She added that one of her friends refused to marry a man working in a restaurant with a good pay and who had a promising future in his job, out of fear of what others would say.

source :Arab news online

source : news / 722 21


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