498A against Atulya Mafatlal’s sister Gyathri dropped !!

Sheetal Mafatlal has made no specific allegation against sister-in-law: court

Holding there is no specific allegation, apart from provocation, against Atulya Mafatlal’s sister Gayatri Jhaveri, the sessions court on Wednesday accepted her revision petition seeking the quashing of proceedings against her in the dowry harassment case filed by Atulya’s wife Sheetal.

In August 2011, Sheetal lodged a complaint alleging cruelty by her in-laws under section 498A of the Indian Penal Code. She claimed Atulya, his mother Madhuri and his brother Ajay abused her mentally and physically, while Atulya’s sisters — Kunti and Gayatri — instigated them. In her complaint, Sheetal claimed Ajay and Madhuri beat her, insulted her and treated her like a help, mostly when Atulya was in London.

The complaint alleged the duo had asked the help not to give her food and she was not allowed to sleep in their house.

Sheetal also alleged Ajay and Madhuri sold her valuable paintings and two Chinese pots to a scrap dealer and Atulya sold her jewellery to his former wife.

The police had filed a closure report at the Girgaum court in August last year, indicating no offence was committed. Sheetal filed a protest petition, after which the court allowed the proceedings against Gayatri and Ajay. Gayatri then moved the sessions court.

Girish Kulkarni, Gayatri’s advocate, said, “All allegations mentioned in the complaints are against Ajay and Madhuri, and Gayatri’s role in it is not spelt out.”

“There are statements of witnesses who have seen the incidents and have said that Gayatri and Kunti used to instigate Ajay and Madhuri,” Sheetal’s advocate Santosh Chari said.

The court observed that all statements and evidence are against Ajay, Atulya and Madhuri, and not against Gayatri.


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