PAY 50% income as INTERIM children maint. Wife in adultry ?? we’ll worry about that later !! Delhi Court

A dutiful wife files DV case. Case comes to court. Legal husband protests saying wife is living in adultery

Hon. court orders him to pay ONLY 50% of his income towards the minor children (50,000 PER MONTH out of the assessed income of 100,000 )

All in the name of justice

/////////////////////// NEWS from TOI ///////////////////

Dad must pay for upkeep of kids: Delhi Court

TNN | Jan 22, 2015, 04.08 AM IST

NEW DELHI: Children should not suffer for want of maintenance on account of disputes between their parents, a trial court said while directing a man to pay Rs 50,000 per month as interim maintenance of his minor sons in a case of domestic violence filed by his estranged wife, adding the man was duty-bound to maintain them.

However, the court denied maintenance amount to the woman, accepting the man’s contention that she was living with her brother-in-law with whom she had illicit relations and hence not entitled to interim maintenance for herself.

Metropolitan Magistrate Mona Tardi Kerketta said while awarding the maintenance amount said that the man had admitted earning about Rs 55,000 per month by way of salary and rental income besides PPF, FDs and other means. It also noted that he had a godown and some properties in his name.

"It be observed that the respondent has claimed living separately, which goes on to suggest that he has no other liability except to maintain his wife and children. Income of the respondent (man) is assessed about Rs 1,00,000 per month. Accordingly, he is directed to pay a composite sum of Rs 50,000 per month as interim maintenance to the minor children," the court said. There’s also a property case pending between the duo.




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