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Desperate MEN seeking wife. Guy sent money 2 Nigerian fraudster who promised 2 marry him !! Lol !!

Desperate MEN seeking wife. Guy sent money 2 Nigerian fraudster who promised 2 marry him !! Lol !!


We have seen all sort of desperadoes, dying to get la!d !!, …. but this guy takes the cake

He sent Rs 1 lakh to a Nigerian woman who promised to marry him. Luckily that woman ran away with just that 1 lakh !! Many Indian ablaas would have also filed 498a and milked much much more !!

I’m sh!t scared of alimony for 1 wife, now some guy wants me to have 4 kids as well !!!

I’m sh!t scared of alimony for one wife, just one wife …

Now some one smart woman wants me to have 4 kids as well …


Marriages are breaking down all over the world

In India they are breaking down and the married man’s loosing a lot of money in court battles, alimony et all

Soon, there would be a law, that will make it super easy for the woman to take away 50% of the husband’s property and EVEN his ancestral i.e parental property!! I am told there is NO minimum time before she can file such a case… She can get married and few days later demand 50% of husband’s property !!!

When All this mess is for the sin of having JUST one wife, now, or say the last few days, some guy / woman wants Hindus to have 4 kids as well !! Here is the headline I am referring to ….

You tell me IF I should be concerned or NOT ??

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Need for Hindu woman to produce 4 kids and laws in favour of ‘ghar wapsi’ for Hindu nation: Sadhvi Prachi

Bhilwara, Jan 12 (ANI):

BJP leader Sadhvi Prachi created controversy after she said that Hindu women should have at least four children to protect their religion. She said that there is a need for Hindu women to give birth to at least 4 kids and enforce laws in favour of ‘ghar wapsi’ to safeguard a Hindu nation. Prachi said that Hindus should give one of their children to the Army, one to the religious saints, one to the VHP and keep one child to themselves. She also said that the VHP group is doing a great work by performing ‘ghar wapsi’ programmes.


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Imagine a woman died AFTR violence + poisoning ! Will the hubby be freely roaming doing press meets?

Police Say Sunanda Pushakr was murdered…Police say there was suspicion of violence in the hotel room… Some strange poisons were administered …

Her marriage was less than 7 years old…. and she died due to unnnatural causes after a fight

…IF this happened to ANY common man, do you think he will be freely roaming around doing press meets ????