Collecting info/ citations/ experiences on INTERIM maint in DV. please share yours or other links, tips for collective good

Interim maint on DV cases :
* I’m trying to get info / citations / experiences with interim maint in DV cases for a victim who called me
* Please share yours …
* Comments to this blog, replies to twitter (see roll on right side bar) or URL links and pointers most welcome

* How many of us have been able to challenge INTERIM MAINT and win …meaning reduce or avoid it ?
* Overall what has worked best ? Pay and fight the main case or keep fighting the interim ?
* How long has the interim continued ? say in months or years
* Has it been excessive when compared to incomes (just a % or ratio would do) ; this is to know is it better to take a small hit now , rather than waste time on appealing interim
I think we should share our experiences for collective good, hence this initiative


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