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1 more wife complains, 1 more husband in cooler, when TV debates are ablaze about supreme court verdict on 498a !!

Vadipatti : Rani (23), daughter of Pandi was married to Karthik (24), JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO !!. Rani complains to police of Torture and now Kartik is in the cooler .. Yep on the same day the supreme court’s verdict on NO AUTOMATIC ARREST is being HOTLY debated in all TV channels !!

same day Supreme court said NO AUTO arrest in 498a, husband & PARENTS arrested !! Perambalur, Tamil Nadu

17 year old Priyanka had completed her 10th standard and wasn’t pursuing any further education. She attended a nearby village festival with her parents. there she met chandrasekar (20). the duo fell in love at first sight and soon got married. they started living with Chandrashekar’s parents at Arumbavur.

Soon matrimonial problems erupted and Priyanka and her mother kaliyammal filed a complaint with arumbavur police alleging torture by husband chandrashekar

police have arrested the husband and elders i.e. parents !!!

Rajkot Doctor commits suicide due to marital problems; Surprise, Surprise wife NOT arrested … !!

On a day when the whole of India is elated about the historic Supreme court judgment A male doc at Rajkot committed suicide due to problems with his wife …..

Now IF some one thought the wife was arrested, think again

Only husbands are arrested IF wife commits suicide ….


husband & GRANDfather arrested on wife’s dowry complaint !! this woman got courts order as well !!

Nitu (20), daughter of Manian , from Ambalakalai, near Mangodu, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu filed a dowry complaint against her husband John Bright (23), with the Kuzithurai court.

As per her complaint they were married on 14. Jan 2013. John Bright is alleged to have tortured her for dowry and also cut her with a blade and attacked her with a stick.

She also included John’s mother Christy piyula (45), John’s sisters Crystal (30), Piyula (24), grand father Gnanaraj (65) and relative Agustine Jeyaraj (40)

Police have arrested the husband and his grand father… Others are on the run !!


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Married 12 Mar ’14, husband already arrested & elders of hubby’s family on the run !! matriMONEY in Tamil Nadu, India !!

Hasina Begum (22), wife of Hiralal (29) has filed a dowry case on her husband and others in his family. She has alleged (as in many other templates !!) that husband is demanding money and his relatives are hand in glove. Husband is also alleged to have beaten her asking her money to go abroad !! Police have arrested the husband and others in the family are on the Run

Date : July 02nd 2014

Place : Emappur village, ThiruveNNai nallUr , near Thirukoyilur / villupuram , Tamil Nadu, India