FW from Lawyers club India : Any help for this hubby ? His abla nari muslim wife , EX-DIVORCEE filed FAKE 498a on SECOND husband as well , meaning one case on first and second case on second husband !!!

>>> FW from Lawyers club India : Any help for this hubby ? His abla nari muslim wife , EX-DIVORCEE filed FAKE 498a on SECOND husband as well , meaning one case on first and second case on second husband !!!>>>


being a muslim my second wife married me without taking legal divorce from her previous husband.

498a is under trial with her previous husband by now

after marriage with me she booked me under 498a .it means one 498a on me and one 498a on previous husband at one

498a on me was resulted in final report by io and accepted by honourable court .498a on preavious husband is under trial by

i gave her Talak looking her original color in a simple paper with her signature and thumb impression .

and i allow her to reside in my home for coming four months.

after four months i said her to evict my house but she clearly denied to vaccate my house

i filled eviction suit in civil courtand another case for void and annulment against her in family court in ____Month 1 ____

notice of both two cases was recieved by her on ___2013____ (month 1)

she came in very anger and started Tamasha and nangapan at my work place

on 3rd day of ___(month2) she gave complainant against me and my family in Mahila Police station for false dowry demanding .date 26th ____ (month 2) was fixed for mediation but she did not wait for fixed date 26th _____ (month 2)

on her complainant on dated 10th (month 2) police of another thana booked me and my family N.C.R under section 504,506 ipc with simple injuries.

but on dated 17th (month 2) she got order from court under (155)2 crpc for converting that N.C.R under section 323,498a ,3\4
and 316 ,452 ipc

her Tamasha at my work place is continue by now

on dated 3rd __month__3___she gave me threat on my phone to kill me if i do not transfer my house in her name . i recorded her voice giving threat to kill me .and gave this call recording to police along with complaint

on my complainant on dated 3rd __month__3___ 2014 police booked her in a case of 323,386,504,506 ipc

but due to her political approach police did nothing .male io are afraid with her and denying to investigation

once again she made fool to court

on 8th january she filled another false case against me through (156)3 crpc under section 420,467,468,471,382 ipc claiming
that " the signature and thumb imppression on a simple paper of talak was not her " how ever the signature and thumb
impression are only her not forged by me

argument for (156)3 is fixed on dated ____ (mont 3) 2014 for above mentioned ipc section

my question is

being her original sign and thumb impression on the paper of Talak how should i convince to court that not to passed any
order against me for false complaint because her sign and thumb impression are original not forged ?

under what section of crpc or evidence act should i move application in the court to match her sign or thumb impression for
showing her false statement ?

being an accused in this case am i entitled to move any application in court to match her sign or thumb impression at the
stage of (156)3 crpc being an inter locutory order ?

if there are citation please please provide

one important great great digree of this false wife

she herself her father her mother her brother are accused of an another case of 420,467,468,471,120b in 2010 charge sheet
has been filled against all of them and this time they all are on bail from high court allahabad after six months in jail


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