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Ex-Congress MLA’s daughter-in-law found hanging at Delhi ; will he get 7 years in cooler ??

Ex-Congress MLA’s daughter-in-law found hanging ; will he get 7 years in cooler ??


IANS | Nov 2, 2013, 09.15 PM IST

NEW DELHI: A former Congress MLA’s daughter-in-law was found hanging under mysterious circumstances at a house in Delhi’s Sarai Rohilla area, police said on Saturday.

Victim’s family alleged that their daughter was killed for dowry. Her in-laws, however, claimed that she had committed suicide.

Rekha, 27, was found hanging inside her in-law’s house Saturday morning.

Rekha’s father Ashok Chaudhary, in his complaint, said in December 2012, he had organized her daughter’s marriage with the son of former MLA Sadiram.

"A few days after the marriage, Rekha’s in-laws started demanding more dowry. When I could not fulfill their continuous demand, they killed my daughter," Chaudhary said.

Sadiram, his wife and his son Sudhanshu have been arrested, police said.

"Victim’s body has been sent for post-mortem to ascertain the exact reason behind the death as her family members alleged that she was killed by her in-laws for dowry," said a police officer.

"A probe in the case has been conducted and we are waiting for victim’s post-mortem report before taking further action," the officer added.



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Tanishque (Jeweller) advert shows that women with approx 6 year old daughters can get a good second catch ..er husband !!

A TV commercial for an upscale jeweler, Tanishq, …..

It’s a simple ad, showing a lovely Indian woman getting ready for her wedding, putting on an elaborate necklace which she clearly values as a gift from her husband-to-be. Soon, a little girl shows up — her daughter — looking for a bit of attention.

Together, the woman and girl go to the mandap — the place where the wedding will happen. The girl is set down with an older couple, presumably grandparents and told to hush.

The second detail is even more remarkable: At the end, the little girl, fidgeting and clearly a little upset, asks if she can join the wedding for the pheras or pradakshana phase, when the couple together are supposed to circle the puja fire. The groom smiles and gestures the girl to come. Finally, the girl asks her mother’s new husband if she can call him Papa. He gladly picks up the girl, and the new family comes together.


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