woman to police “get ex-hubby back”!! says MISGUIDED by her family to divorce & married life better!

woman to police "get ex-hubby back"!! says MISGUIDED by her family to divorce & married life better!

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Woman wants her divorced husband back

Ankur Sirothia, TNN Jul 25, 2013, 11.50AM IST

BHOPAL: After two years of divorce, a woman has approached the police to reunite her with her former husband. Initially, the police refused to entertain the matter as it is beyond their jurisdiction, but in a bid to explore the possibility, the matter has been forwarded for counselling at Mahila Thana.

The station house officer (SHO), Renu Murab confirmed to TOI about receiving the application on July 19. Murab said that the issue is being looked into to help the separated couple.

The woman in question is a professor at a private college and resides in Arera Colony area. She divorced her husband after which he shifted to Chhattisgarh. They also had two teenaged children who at the time of their parents’ divorce wished to stay with their father.

Of late, according to police, the woman realized that her life was better when she had been staying with her husband and kids. On the reasons that prompted her to take divorce, she said she was misguided by her family members, besides having differences with her husband.

Since she had a decent job and a house, she thought of leading a good life with her maternal family but things changed after the separation and even those who helped her in separation later changed their attitude towards her, the woman told the cops.

Mahila Thana counsellors informed that the woman’s former husband, who did not remarry after the separation, has been contacted to know if he is ready to give her a second chance


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