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woman alleges dowry torture on second day of marriage; husband and family booked even after jewels returned ; Si vganga , Tamil Nadu கூடுதல் வரதட்சணை 5 பேர் மீது வழக்கு

**Short non official translation and news in Tamil **

* Susheela (23) married Maarnaattan
* Marriage was solemnized a year ago
* Woman alleges dowry torture just on second day of marriage

* Police etc intervene,Husband and co return all gifts

* Wife seems to have approached Magistrate who has ordered filing of a case !!

* So … AWPS has filed case on five of husbands family and inquiry / investigation on !!


* since this case IF converted to an FIR on orders of the magistrate will it take 10 years and consume the lives of five in husband’s family !!
* What a shame that the institution of marriage is turning into a nightmare for millions ??


**News in Tamil **

கூடுதல் வரதட்சணை 5 பேர் மீது வழக்கு


மகாசிவனேந்தல் வெள்ளைச்சாமி மகள் சுசிலா,23.

இவருக்கும், அரசனூர் மார்நாட்டானுக்கும் கடந்த ஆண்டு திருமணம் நடந்தது.

2 வது நாளிலேயே கூடுதல் வரதட்சணை கேட்டு சுசிலாவை, கணவர் வீட்டார் துன்புறுத்தியுள்ளனர்.

புகாரின் பேரில், சிவகங்கை மகளிர் போலீசார் விசாரித்தனர்.

சுசிலாவிற்கு போட்ட நகைகள், சீர் வரிசையை கணவர் வீட்டார் திருப்பி கொடுத்தனர்.

இந்நிலையில், சிவகங்கை 2வது மாஜிஸ்திரேட் கோர்ட் உத்தரவுபடி, கூடுதல் வரதட்சணை கேட்டு சுசிலாவை கொடுமை படுத்தியதாக மார்நாட்டான், அவரது தாய் மீனாள், உறவினர்கள் அம்மாபொன்னு, அமுதா, செல்வராஜ் மீது மகளிர் போலீசார் வழக்கு பதிந்து விசாரிக்கின்றனர்.



Facebook Love story | Marriage April ’13, 498a June ’13 | the new Indian Rope trick !! err marriage trick !!

**Salient points**

* Couple get to know each other on FB

* Got married on April 22 2013

* After marriage the woman claims she came to know that the man was already married and duped her and left for Canada !!

* Once she knew that she turned from wife to victim !!

* Now she has filed a 498a !!

* Is this a marriage ? or live – in ? or ?


NRI cheats woman for dowry

TNN Jun 15, 2013, 01.52AM IST

HYDERABAD: A female software engineer lodged a dowry harassment case against her NRI husband, at Banjara Hills on Friday.

Banjara Hills police said that P Reshma, 35, and V Hima Teja got to know each other through social networking site Facebook.

On April 22, they both got a registered marriage at Chirala and started residing at Gaurishanker colony, Banjara Hills road no 12.

Some days after getting married, Reshma came to know that her husband Hima Teja was already married to a woman in Canada.

The victim informed the police that for several days, Teja harassed her for want of dowry and suddenly on May 16, he fled to USA. It is learnt that Teja is a green card holder. Banjara Hills police registered a case under 498 a (dowry harassment) of IPC.



Pakistan : “80pc women repression cases are false”: Pakistani Law Minister Shafique Ahmed

Published: Saturday, June 22, 2013

80pc women repression cases are false: Minister

Star Online Report

Law Minister Shafique Ahmed

Law Minister Shafique Ahmed

Eighty percent of the cases which were filed on charges of repression on women are false, said Law Minister Shafique Ahmed on Saturday.

“However a long time is wasted to resolve such types of false cases. The matter of getting justice also becomes uncertain due to the long passage of time. So, it is essential to amend the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) Act,” the minister said while addressing a seminar at the capital’s Ruposhi Bangla Hotel, reported Bangla daily Prothom Alo.

Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs organised the seminar to seek opinion on the amendment of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) Act.

“According to the rule, a case must be resolved within 150 days,” the minister said.

Qamrul Islam, the state minister for law, said 90 percent of the cases which were filed over dowry issues are false.

“The cases had to continue years after years as there was no scope to settle the issue outside the court,” he said.

“Due to such characteristic of the cases, 80 percent accused were released in our country while cent percent accused were punished in abroad,” the minister added.

“If the culture of filing false cases is not stopped, there would be no use of amending the law,” Qamrul said.



cry rape when you want, turn turtle and withdraw latr !! Indian rape law in action ; rape case for land dispute ; New blockbuster !!!

#Important questions#


* Why NO punishment for the girl who filed false rape cases

* Why was the man arrested without proper investigation

* can anyone practically file rape cases on anyone else ??

Man accused of raping neighbour acquitted by court

PTI : New Delhi, Thu Jun 27 2013, 15:42 hrs Small Large Print

**A man accused of repeatedly raping his neighbour, who later became pregnant, has been acquitted by a Delhi court** on the ground that the girl has turned hostile and refuted allegations of rape.

Additional Sessions Judge Renu Bhatnagar let off Delhi resident Sugad Singh saying the alleged victim has deposed falsely against him on the **instigation of one of her neighbour who had some property dispute with him**.

"In the present case, prosecutrix is the main witness of the incident and in her cross examination she has completely resiled from her statement recorded in examination in chief. Even her mother has deposed that her daughter had falsely registered the FIR against the accused at the instance of one Tek Chand who is having disputes with the accused.

"Even the MLC of the victim does not support her. Hence, the statement of the girl is unbelievable, untrustworthy and cannot be relied upon to convict the accused," the court said. The court also observed that the girl had turned hostile and had stated that the allegations of rape are false.

Singh was arrested by the police on a complaint of the victim, who had alleged that in May last year, while she was sleeping on the roof of her house, the accused had raped her and also threatened to kill her if she tells to anyone.

"The victim did not make complaint to anybody under fear. After around five days, Singh again called her in a room in his house and committed rape," the police said, adding that she became pregnant.

"She was taken to hospital where the doctor opined that she was carrying pregnancy of two months," the police added. During the trial, Singh claimed that there is a property dispute between him and Tek Chand and due to this, Chand had instigated the girl to level false allegations against him.



dowry case:former AP minister P Shankar Rao surrenders, gets bail; Rao’s daughter-in-law Vamsi Priya, says husband Shashank and parents harassed her

Moral of the Story :
* Beware of the deamons you unleash. They will come back to torment you one day !!
* Ministers and law makers are running to get bail these days
* worse still, many a common man and his family is broken down WITHOUT BAIL

Former AP minister surrenders, gets bail in dowry case

Last Updated: Wednesday, June 19, 2013, 23:28

Hyderabad: Former Andhra Pradesh Minister and Secunderabad Cantonment MLA P Shankar Rao on Wednesday surrendered before the police in connection with a dowry harassment case lodged by his daughter-in-law, and was subsequently released on bail.

Rao, who had secured anticipatory bail from the Sessions Court, surrendered before the Women Police Station (WPS) attached to Central Crime Station, and submitted two sureties of Rs 10,000 each as per the court’s order. He was then granted bail, Inspector P Janakamma said.

He also filed an affidavit before the police stating that his passport was already deposited with CID in the Greenfields land encroachment case. The court had directed him to surrender his passport in the present case too.

Rao’s daughter-in-law Vamsi Priya, in her complaint to WPS had said she was being harassed by her husband Shashank and his parents since her marriage in 2005.

Shashank has already surrendered before police and got bail.