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Woman just booked, NOT arrested even after burning husband to death. Police looking for adequate proof !!

"…..Police would make an arrest in the case after collecting adequate evidence,….." he said.

Woman booked for setting husband on fire

TNN | Jun 25, 2013, 04.22 AM IST
NAGPUR: A 30-year-old woman has been booked for murder after her husband told police that she was responsible for setting him on fire. The man succumbed to burn injuries on June 3 at a private hospital.

Herald Stevens Franswah, 36, had been rushed to Mayo hospital after sustaining 90% burn injuries at his residence at Nawa Nakasha in Laskaribagh on May 28. Herald, a railway employee, had initially told a constable at Mayo Hospital that he sustained the burns after a stove exploded. He had given a similar statement to another constable from Pachpaoli police station on the following day.

Herald was later shifted to a private hospital at Sitabuldi for better treatment. Here, in front of the executive magistrate, Herald gave a dying declaration that also stated the same reason for his injuries.

After this dying declaration, Herald is learned to have changed his version when talking to his mother Agnes and other family members. He told them that his wife Rajni had set him on fire during a quarrel. The family members informed Sitabuldi police regarding this change of statement. An officer from Sitabuldi police station again recorded Herald’s last statement, where the man indicted his wife.

It is learnt that Herald and Rajni had married a couple of years ago. They also have a one-and-half-year-old child. Herald’s drinking habit had led to regular quarrels at home, including on the day the deceased sustained burn injuries. It has also come to fore that Rajni was after Herald to take a transfer to Chhindwada, Madhya Pradesh, where she was keen to relocate.

Pachpaoli police station senior inspector PV Bele said the offence was registered as one of the statements referred to his wife’s role behind his death. "Police would make an arrest in the case after collecting adequate evidence," he said.



IF nephew did NOT r@pe, her OWN brother raped! abla nAri, nAri’s mother, 2 rape cases, 1 dead kid + twists & turns ; NO news about what is happening to the ablA nari ! don’t ask why the court did NOT act on the first DNA report !!

Rape victim’s real brother is her child’s biological father

Anuraag Singh, TNN | Jun 25, 2013, 11.01 AM IST

INDORE: The Alirajpur police are likely to petition court to withdraw charges filed against a youth for raping and making pregnant his aunt after DNA report established that the child born to the victim was her real brother’s biological child and not of the youth accused.

In January 2013, Khel Singh, 20, a computer applications student was arrested from his native village Khandalarao in Alirajpur district for allegedly raping and making pregnant his distant aunt Mamta (name changed), who was three years younger to him.

But five months later, a report of state forensic science lab (FSL-Sagar) on June 11 has established that it was not Khel Singh, but Mamta’s real brother Ramesh who is the biological father of her son. The newborn male child died mysteriously a month after his birth.

The report has rendered a new twist in the case, just a week after Khel Singh was released on bail after spending around 140 days in jail.

"Earlier, a DNA report of SFL-Sagar on March 30 had established that Khel Singh was not the biological father of the alleged rape victim’s child, following which we requested the court to drop rape charges against the accused, but the court turned down the plea observing that merely on the basis of a DNA report, rape charges could not be dropped," SP (Alirajpur) Akhilesh Jha told TOI on Monday.

"But with a fresh report of SFL-Sagar now establishing that the victim’s real brother Ramesh is the biological father of her child, we’ll soon file a fresh application before the court under Section 169 of CrPC, to prosecute the alleged victim’s brother Ramesh for rape" the SP added.

Ramesh has already been arrested by police in April and booked for rape, Jha informed.

In January, acting on a complaint filed by Mamta’s mother, cops from Udaigarh police station not only arrested Khel Singh for alleged rape, but also nabbed his brother Rajesh (24) for allegedly threatening the girl’s family with dire consequences on January 24 and sent the siblings to jail five days later.

Meanwhile, the seven-month pregnant victim Mamta was married to another man and gave birth to a male child three months later in March, but the child mysteriously died within a month of being born.

Based on the report findings and also the statements of the girl, who after the lodging of rape case by her mother had stated before police that it was her brother Ramesh who raped her and made her pregnant, Ramesh was arrested in April second week by Alirajpur police and charged with rape.


Minor girl backtracks from sensation rape complaint !!! whaaat ?? no punishment for perjury , lying ?

Court acquits two brothers in gang-rape case

PTI | Jun 24, 2013, 03.22 PM IST

NEW DELHI: Two brothers, who were accused of gangraping a 15-year-old girl last year, have been acquitted by a Delhi court after the alleged victim and her parents did not support the allegations levelled against them.

Additional sessions judge Illa Rawat freed Delhi residents Sonu and Sudhir of the charges of gangraping and threatening the girl here in June last year, saying no material witnesses, including the minor and her parents, had testified in support of the prosecution’s case.

"….From the testimony of prosecutrix (girl) as well as other material placed on record, the prosecution has failed to prove that accused Sonu and Sudhir had committed rape upon the prosecutrix, a minor girl, aged about 15 years, and has further failed to prove that they both criminally intimidated her by threatening to kill her parents, if she disclosed, about this fact to anyone," the court said.

According to the police, on June 19, last year, Sonu and Sudhir had raped the minor girl in a field near her house here and had threatened her that they would kill her parents if she disclosed about it to anyone.

It had said that on the basis of the girl’s statement, a case was registered against both the accused.

During the trial, the minor girl "completely denied" the prosecution’s case and her parents also did not support the police version regarding the lodging of any such complaint.

The police had told the court that the girl was gangraped by the brothers on June 19, last year and on June 23, both the accused again came to her house when her mother was not there and they tried to rape her.

The accused fled the spot as the girl’s mother returned home and saw them, it had said, adding that on June 23, the minor along with her mother had come to the police station and had lodged a complaint against them.

During the trial, Sonu and Sudhir told the court that they were innocent and were being falsely implicated in the case.

The court acquitted them, saying there were considerable doubts in the girl’s testimony as there were contradictions in her complaint and statement which make her "totally unreliable and untrustworthy witness".


News:More rapes in Delhi in 2012 than 4 metros put together; Fact : No doubt MEN’s rights movements strongest in delhi

More rapes in Delhi in 2012 than 4 other metros put together

Dwaipayan Ghosh, TNN | Jun 14, 2013, 01.39 AM ISTDelhi Police

More rapes in Delhi in 2012 than 4 other metros put together
The number of rapes in the capital last year (706) was more than those reported in four other metros – Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai (484) – put together.

NEW DELHI: Delhi’s shame continues. The National Crime Records Bureau’s report for 2012, released on Wednesday, iterates through statistics what every woman in the city knows by experience – that it remains the most unsafe for women among 88 important cities of India.

With 5,959 cases of crime against women registered last year, Delhi accounted for a staggering 14.88% of all women-related crimes reported from these 88 cities. No other city even came close to matching Delhi’s notorious record.

Bangalore was a distant second, with a share of 6.18% of all crimes against women in urban India. Next came Kolkata (5.66%) and then Mumbai (4.86%).

No crime reveals Delhi’s violence towards women better than rape. The number of rapes in the capital last year (706) was more than those reported in four other metros — Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai (484) — put together. The staggeringly high figure can’t be explained by the capital’s sprawl. For, the female population of Delhi is 75.76 lakh, lower than Mumbai (85.20 lakh) and not much higher than Kolkata (67.93 lakh).

2,160 kidnap cases of girls registered

According to the NCRB figures, Delhi’s share of all crimes committed in the country was 2.83%. Among states and UTs, Bengal leads the pack with a share of 12.67%.

As many as 2,160 kidnapping cases in which women or minor girls were the victims, were registered last year in Delhi. There were 134 dowry deaths and 1,985 cases of cruelty to women by husbands or relatives.

Seeking to downplay the numbers, Delhi Police said statistics did not reveal the actual picture. Senior cops said gave a number of reasons for the rise in crime in Delhi over the past decade. They said rapid growth in the city’s population, socio-economic imbalances and urban anonymity were encouraging deviant behaviour. They said the city’s adverse sex ratio (866/1000) and loosening of social structures were also playing a part in rise of crime.

Among the new initiatives for controlling crimes, the cops said 255 city routes had been identified as being the most frequented by women late in the evening. More than 400 women sub-inspectors and 2,088 women constables were being deployed on these stretches.

Earlier, a document submitted by a Delhi ministry in the assembly had criticized a few rape victims themselves for inadvertently contributing to the low conviction rate in such cases. "Victims sometimes do not support prosecution during trial. At other times, there are compromises made between both parties," the ministry stated.


Gujarat: Rape cases 7% up, Cruelty by Husband and in laws 10% up; who’s under attack ?

"….Interestingly, 97.46% of the victims said that they knew the perpetrator, who, in most of the cases, turned out to be a boyfriend or benefactor who promised to marry the victim…."

Cases of rape increase by 7% in Gujarat

Parth Shastri, TNN | Jun 25, 2013, 06.44 AM IST AHMEDABAD: A group of road construction labourers had gotten shelter from a family living near an abandoned petrol pump near Hansalpur, four kilometers away from Viramgam. As the family of nine retired after dinner in October last year, a group of robbers attacked the shanties and laid their hands on whatever they could find – jewellery, mobile phones and cash.

However, they did not stop at that, as they went on to gang rape four women aged between 17 and 35 years after dragging them to the nearby bushes. A team of Ahmedabad rural police tracked the assailants a week after the incident, when more such cases tumbled out of the closet, as many of the victims had refrained from even lodging a complaint.

The NCRB report ‘Crime In India 2012’ states that in Gujarat, considered to be one of the safest states in the country, rape incidents have increased by 7.7%. Other crimes against women have also seen a rise. Cruelty by husbands and in-laws has increased by 10%, and assault on women has increased by 8.8%. Overall, in 2012, the state reported 9561 cases, as compared to 8815 in 2011.

According to the data, most of the women who reported rape were in the age group of 18 to 30 years. Rural areas reported 73% more cases than cities. Interestingly, 97.46% of the victims said that they knew the perpetrator, who, in most of the cases, turned out to be a boyfriend or benefactor who promised to marry the victim. In eight cases, fathers were named as rapists, whereas in 28 cases, close relatives were accused.