I want to file for divorce because my wife is not interested in this marriage !!!!!!

> plan is to mention that i will mentio in diovrce petition that since she
> is not showing any interes for reconciliation to resolve the difference and
> run the married life.hence i left with no option than to file divorce.let

1. EVERY husband ….almost every husband says the same
1.1. wife is b!tch , wife is this …, wife is that, …my lord (court),
1.2. wife ran away your honour
1.3. i have called my wife back 23 and a half times, but she has NOT come back …your honour ….
1.4. I just cannot bear this, please give me divorce ….
1.5. this is the sum and substance of the pages and pages written and filed in family / civil courts by husbands
1.6. IF I were to be a judge I will create short codes for all excuses and complaints like telegraph codes ; …… at least paper and storage space will be saved
2. NO wife accepts this
2.1. every WIFE will come and say my lord my husband is terrible, bad, horrible, so HE (husband) drove me out of the house seeking dowry, seeking this … that …, so I am hapless woman (ablaa naari)
2.2. Since I am ablaa, since I am naari, since the constitution seeks to support all naaris , I NEED MONEY FROM TOMORROW !!!
3. So this is the standard title song and shot
4. cinema starts AFTER this title shot
5. since 100,000 idiots [including me !!] who married before you and filed divorce cases before you are in queue, [since all] are in greater urgency to get out of wedlock and [since all] pray before the court for divorce, the court will proceed in the following order
5.1. first to discuss : Interim maintenance
5.2. do you (husband ) have education / employment ? salary ? : Place proof the court – else I will infer you are employed
5.3. Wife … do you have education / employment ? salary ? : Place proof before the court – BUT IN 99% of cases IF wife is un employed court will NOT infer she is employed …because woman can be as lazy as they want, claim equal status and also maintenance !!!
5.4. Award interim maintenance in favour of wife (VERY HIGH % of cases, especially if wife is NOT employed)
5.5. you start paying interim …. IF you don’t dismiss your divorce case ….. IF you pay, meter starts !!
5.6. then seek proof affidavit, evidence etc etc [interim maintenance meter is on !!]
5.7. then numerous adjournments [interim maintenance meter is on !!]
5.8. IF wife is in different city, shift case there
5.9. then numerous IAs or interlocutory applications [interim maintenance meter is on !!]
5.10. then arguments [interim maintenance meter is on !!]
5.11 then decree after two … / three years !!!
5.12. but the meter is started and on still !!!!
6. at the end the court MAY even decide the you are FIT and eligible to divorce, but in MANY MANY cases will still decree maintenance ….why ?? because Ms. b(.)(.)bs is an ablaa naari !!!!
7. IF after all of this you want to file for divorce, ………………………, start a blog and share your experience


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