once more ! how about doing a peaceful, voluntary “DELAY marriage satyagraha” by all educated, law abiding, honest Indians ??

Dear Reader :

This has reference to your concerns on the state of Indian society and / or your post on social service and raising awareness of the society.

The situation is bad and is getting worse. Last year alone approx 1 lakh 498a cases were filed; DV, 498a , maintenance and similar cases are increasing by the day

With this background, SINCE you are ready to do social service, and to  raise awareness in society, can you make men stop marrying for just 4 more years ??  you can start with your un married freinds, cousins, neighbours, co – workers, college mates, FB friends ….. practically anyone who would listen to you

just delay for 4 years unless they know the woman very very well (know her for years etc) and NOT stop marrying for  ever … ?

why do I ask this question  ?

IF ALL law abiding, educated, income generating men [it has to be a mass movement to succeed] ALL law abiding, educated, income generating men stop marrying , i.e. VOLUNTARY and NON violent action , just imaging what will happen to the following industries ?
– the marriage hall industry,
– the saree industry,
– the matrimony dot coms,
– the purohits,
– the vakils
– the nursery / creche schools the hospitals (maternity esp)
– the jewellery industry
– the NEW house / real estate industry

  • and 20 more industries will be in tail spin

all these will loose somewhere between 30% to 100% of their BIZ

these industries will want to know the reason for such a fall in business, will start understanding the problems of men

These industries with all their power and money and contacts in high places will help you (and men) and support you (and men) to change laws and make laws gender neutral

the moot question is will men support you and delay marriage for 4 years …even 3 years ??

I think NO !!!!!!

I think unmarried men are IN A GREAT hurry to get married

they ALL think it will NOT happen to me !! , the girl I have found is sati savithri 🙂 Bhai jan so did one lakh bakras think the last year …and the earlier year …and the earlier year…till sh!t hit the fan 😦

In the next 5 years more than 30% of the income earning, educated, law abiding INDIAN men will be either henpecked slaves or will be fighting civil and criminal cases and loosing sleep

that 30% may be low number !!

Still , as of date, NO ONE …. practically NO one wants to delay marriage in India !!!!! ; Indian men are ready to get married to practically ANYONE !! ; Girls are far more choosy, they want the best ones !!!




2 thoughts on “once more ! how about doing a peaceful, voluntary “DELAY marriage satyagraha” by all educated, law abiding, honest Indians ??

  1. vinayak Post author

    1. this is NOT about 1 Individual or 2 Individuals delaying marriage !!!! this is about society as a whole understanding the enemy and delaying your own ruin !!

    2. delay marriage includes deeeelay live in also !



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