what IF the second female claims rape … the RISKS of live in before divorce !!

>if some is facing 498 A and he has filed the
>divorce case already is bigamy is applicable for
>live- in relationship.

What IF the second one …i.e live in female claims “Rape”

Short story as follows

– Sob sob … your honour I am abla nari # 1

– Sob sob … your honour , this man NEVER told me that he has another wife

– Sob sob … your honour , this man had sex with me 18 times but under the promise to marry me !!

– Sob sob … … , now I have come to know that this man is married and so his promise to marry me was a fraud and so the sex (18 times !!) was WITHOUT VALID consent and hence rape

– either this man has to marry me or be charged with rape

– ???????

– the first AND the second will laugh all the way to the bank !!!!!

the world thinks men are rapists

Better hold it rather than strengthen the world’s view

Let the second female find some other bakra !! ??



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