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Interested in buying properties but worried IF my wife can claim 50% of it without contributing a penny !!!!


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October 25th 2012


Dear Sir, Madam

– this has reference to your promotional mailer and website about
properties (received recently)

– I’m a sincere, honest , law abiding, hardworking Indian, WITH a decent
education and income.

– I am very much interested in buying properties from people like you

– I wish to invest in life and real estate in the long term

– However I am really concerned about the new law that gives away 50% of
my property to my wife even though I have contributed 100% for the property
and she has NOT contributed monetarily

– Though I am sincere, hard working, not having any illicit relations, and
balanced, as you may know MANY women are filing false cases, with a eye to
get out of a marriage and or or make money in the bargain


– Tomorrow, IF there are legal cases by my wife claiming alimony,
maintenance, share of property etc, how do I safeguard myself and
especially the property that I plan to by ?

– It takes 10 ..20…30 years to save and buy a property. Loosing all that
because of a woman’s tantrums is the ultimate tragedy in Life

– Does Proptiger have any way / method to avoid this mess ? especially the
wife claiming parts of my property

thanks in advance for all your ideas and suggestions
& eagerly awaiting your reply, I remain

Sincerely yours

Contact : _______________________________
PS : I am ready for more telephone etc and other contacts after hearing from you

fight back of be scre#ed !!!

1. the government and some parts of police have learnt that law abiding married men are ready to pay … yes married men are TARGET # 1, when threatened with arrest they will pay and run away !!

2, IF you threaten a politician with arrest, he will get two TV wallahs and say , arrest me arrest me and call himself a martyr or Gandhi !!

3. if you threaten a goonda with arrest, your own wife and children are in trouble !!; same with terrorist et all …..

4. but IF you threaten an educated, law abiding husband with arrest, saying he and his mother will be arrested, he will be shit scared and ready to pay; …. this is a golden goose ; the police will also look like some deva saving the abla nari from a demon

5. …. so our beautiful government and some parts of police and un scrupulous lawyers will keep screwing married men’s happiness , TILL we are ready to fight back

6. the day we decide to fight back , they will stop ….

7. there are a dozen PEACEFUL, democratic ways to fight back, but I am NOT sure IF we will …

8. for example, educated, law abiding men can SUSPEND marriage in the SHORT term …. say an announced 4+ year marriage stike

9. IF all educated, decent families do it together , the women cannot run away , the women cannot file 498a on us ….. BUT IT IS LESS THAN 1% CHANCE that men and their families will unite and do that !! … practically NIL chance

10. the young men at their 20s and 30s are ready to marry completely UN KNOWN WOMEN ….. ; are salivating to fall for any trap; there is little or no live in for 10 years and then marrying in our culture …so men get married without much background check and then get back to the 498a loop promptly !!

11. one another democratic way is to get married without much property on hand, checkout for five years before acquiring property or earnings ……but our boys are drilled in the head to be competitive from Kindergarten, our boys will NEVER wait to jump at the next opportunity ….so this (live in debt before you settle in marriage) also would NOT work out in India

12. there are a dozen other ways ….but nothing practiced in India

13. so , IMHO, ….. in the short term ( < 5 years) new laws will be made to harass us , ex IRBM and 50% property !!

14. I think it will get worse before (that it is now) it gets better

15. DV, IRBM, workplace harassment, 33% reservation …. I’m sure there is more in the making

16. So short term (say the next five years) will be quite messy

17. Long term …. say 10 years + : depends on our (men’s) resolve …, depends on the extent media gets screwed by this, the extent judges and people in power get screwed by this anti male law making and general apathy

counter comments / arguments welcome !!