Death for the married man !! : Constable kills sister’s husband, his mother to ‘avenge’ her death

Constable kills sister’s husband, his mother to ‘avenge’ her death


Express news service : New Delhi, Fri Sep 21 2012, 01:28 hrs

Takes his own life after shooting dead two with service pistol

A 24-YEAR-OLD Delhi Police constable, Vijay Kumar, shot dead his sister’s husband and his mother before taking his own life outside Alipur police station in Outer Delhi on Wednesday night.

Police said he committed the crime to allegedly avenge the death of his sister, who died nine years ago.

Kumar made a PCR call at 9.39 pm and identified himself after shooting dead Prakashwati (62) and her son Manoj (35) – the husband of his sister Rachna who reportedly committed suicide barely 18 months into her marriage, police said. Within two hours of the PCR call, Kumar shot himself in the head.

Police said Kumar, a resident of Sonepat, was only 15 when Rachna took her life. In her suicide note, she held no one responsible and said she decided to take the extreme step because she couldn’t conceive, police said.

Kumar, according to police, held a grudge against Manoj – a teacher at a municipal corporation school in Hamidpur.

Rachna’s parents had alleged after her death that Manoj killed her for dowry. Subsequently, he was booked, imprisoned and released on bail.

While the trial was on, Manoj married again five years ago. He and his second wife Vijeta has two children. The second marriage, police claimed, further angered Kumar and his family in Sonepat.

From the court proceedings, Kumar felt that the judgment might go in favour of Manoj.

On Wednesday, a third hearing was held in the Delhi High Court. The judgment is expected in a month, but Kumar became restless because Manoj has already been acquitted in the dowry death case, police said.

Kumar, whose duty was to start at 8 pm at the Security Wing, reached his office, collected his 9mm service pistol and went to Prakashwati’s house in Bakhtawarpur. “

“He asked Prakashwati to accompany him to meet Manoj, who used to live a kilometre away from his mother’s home. Manoj was helping Vijeta prepare for her BEd course when the two reached his plac”,” a police officer said.

Manoj wife Vijeta, who witnessed the killing, said” “I heard my mother-in-law call out my husband. I peeped through the door and noticed a young man in a safari suit standing next to her. When my husband stepped out of the door, he fired at him and then at my mother-in-la”.” “

“The man fled as I cried for help. My mother-in-law died on the spot, while my husband was declared dead on arrival at BJRM Hospital in Jehangirpu”i,” she said.

Police said the first PCR call was made at 9.39 pm by Vijay, who informed that two persons had been shot in Bakhtawarpur village. Ten minutes later, another PCR call was made by Manoj’s neighbour, confirming that two persons had been shot dead, police said.

When police arrived at Manoj’s house and Vijeta informed them about her husband’s trial, the officers suspected that Kumar could be involved in the crime.

Soon after, a police team found a body outside Alipur police station with a bullet in the head. Eyewitnesses told police that they saw Kumar sitting near an electricity pole outside the police station.”

“A service pistol was lying near Vijay’s body. In all, Vijay fired six rounds…three at Prakashwati, two at Manoj and one at himse”f,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer) B S Jaiswal said.

A ballistic test will be conducted to establish whether the bullets were fired from the same pistol.




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