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Whaaat ?? molestation to become NON bailabale like 498A ??? Minister accepts misuse in 498A !!

first the central Government brought 498a; this lead to breaking of families and death of 100s.

As if that was not enough then DV came up in 2005 which to this day is milking 1000s

now “molestation” is set to become NON bailable under Didi’s West Bengal !!! if all are to be believed !!

So what next ? unscrupulous women can file FALSE molestation cases against men for just IF men walk the same street as they do ….. ;

How / why for walking on the street ? any how, un scrupulous women file false  dowry cases today;  they can easily file false molestation cases !! ..that is also going to be another false case …under Did’s bengal, that will have NO bail…. so men will be hounded like street dogs !!!!!



Bengal govt steps up heat on molesters

, TNN | Sep 3, 2012, 01.50AM IST


KOLKATA: A foreigner who had come on a visit to Kolkata was molested on Mayo Road in 2006. The conviction was a fine of a mere Rs 1,000. Six years later, not much has changed with regards to the punishment meted out to molesters. The accused if convicted has to either cough up a paltry fine and/or go behind the bars for a maximum period of two years.

In order to impose a more stringent punishment on molesters, the Mamata Banerjee government now wants “some cases of molestation” to be classified as non-bailable crime and the punishment to be imprisonment of three to seven years.

Cases of molestation have become quite common in the city. In April this year, the city police had registered 40 molestation cases, 44 in May and yet another 34 in June. Similar numbers were also reported in July and August, though the exact figures are not available. However, in most of these cases the offenders roamed scot free, thanks to the lenient sentence.

According to Section 354 of IPC, which is ‘assault or criminal force to a woman with intent to outrage her modesty’, “Whoever assaults or uses criminal force to any woman, intending to outrage or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby outrage her modesty, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both.”

State law minister Moloy Ghatak said on Sunday that the state government was working on this section of the IPC to classify different categories of molestation and punishment will vary according to the cases. “Molestation includes a whole range of crime. If punishment under Section 354 is simply made harsh without fixing categories then there will be scope of misusing it just like 498A,” Ghatak said. “We would thus like the offence to be categorized according to the severity, and punishment to be different for different categories,” the minister added.

The state government has in fact begun work on Section 354 after being prodded by the West Bengal Human Rights Commission (WBHRC). Commission chairperson Ashok Ganguly had earlier observed that violence against women had increased alarmingly in West Bengal. Following in the footsteps of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh, the offence must be made non-bailable and punishment ought to be up to seven years’ imprisonment in West Bengal as well, the WBHRC had observed.

This is not, however, not the first time that IPC 354 is being examined. In 2008, such a proposal had gone to the state from Kolkata Police authorities. However, the matter took a bizarre turn later that year when the state raised the question of how to define “modesty”. The issue later took a backseat.

The move by the Trinamool Congress government has received mixed reactions from different quarters. While Sunanda Mukherjee, chairperson of the West Bengal Commission for Women, felt this will rightly give justice to victims, Bharati Mutsuddi, lawyer and former member of the state commission for women, said molestation couldn’t be categorized.

“I don’t think such categorization will help. It will only go in favour of the accused as the attempt is always to make the crime appear lighter than it is. Also, in the court, it would be difficult to prove the different categories,” she said.


One more illicit love… Six more murders !!!

while the news talks a lot about the armed youth, his murder spree and everything, it talks very little about the married woman and her illicit love with this youth; as that woman is now dead, along with the youth she was having illicit relation with the truth may never be known !!




Spurned by kin’s wife, lover kills 5, shoots self

Dwaipayan Ghosh & Purusharth Aradhak, TNN | Sep 3, 2012, 11.55PM IST

Spurned by kin’s wife, lover kills 5, shoots self

Both Delhi and Ghaziabad police are trying to ascertain whether Ravi has any criminal antecedents as he had fired on the temple on each of his four victims and had used an automatic pistol.
NEW DELHI/GHAZIABAD: Spurned by a married woman, a heavily armed 27-year-old jobless youth went on a killing spree that left six people dead, including himself, in Delhi and Ghaziabad on Monday.

The bloodbath began when the alleged killer, Ravi, visited the home of his cousin Navin, a BPO cab driver who lived in Bindapur near Dwarka in southwest Delhi. Ravi had earlier proposed to Navin’s wife Renu, 24, who had rejected him.

Police said Ravi was armed with an automatic pistol and a country-made pistol. He first alleged shot Navin on the head and hid his body under a bed. The body was discovered later in the evening. Ravi then got into an argument with Renu after asking for the hand of her sister Baby, 22.

The commotion brought the landlady of the house, Sheila, 53, to the first-floor flat. Ravi shot them both and then drove more than 75 km to Bhojpur village in Ghaziabad to murder the girl’s father Harender (55) and sister Baby. Though he finally shot himself, cops claim it was only villagers had surrounded him.

According to cops, Renu had got married to Navin two years ago. After the marriage, police claimed Ravi developed an illicit relationship with her. However, when he pressed her to marry him, she refused. Navin eventually shifted to Bindapur to a rented accommodation two months ago. Ravi did not relent and kept visiting the couple.

On Monday, Ravi apparently came to ask Renu for the hand of her sister. According to additional CP (southwest) Anil Kumar Ojha, Renu was shot on the chest and head twice around 9.10am. Sheila, the landlady who tried to intercede was shot on the head.

Sheila’s son Dinesh, who is a property dealer, said he rushed from his office on hearing the gunshots and saw a man running out of his house with two firearms in his hands. Dinesh claimed he tried to catch Ravi but he threatened to shoot him and fled in a Santro car.

“At the time of the shooting, a domestic help was in the house but she was so scared that she could not tell us anything,” a senior police official said. According to doctors, Renu suffered two bullet injuries while Sheila was hit by three bullets.

Ravi then drove to Bhojpur, around15km from Modi Nagar in UP. Speaking to TOI, SP (Ghaziabad rural) Jagdish Sharma the accused wanted to marry Baby, the daughter of one Harender. “He asked directly whether the family was opposed to his proposal. When he heard a firm no, he killed both father and daughter,” Sharma said, adding that the killing took place at 1.45pm.

“The accused tried to escape after the killings but by then villagers had surrounded Harender’s house. The accused then went on the roof and opened fire at them thrice. When he found himself trapped, he rushed to a room and killed himself,” Sharma said. Harender was shot on the temple while two bullets were pumped into his daughter’s body.

Another of Harender’s daughters, Ritu, is married to Yashpal, who is also Ravi’s cousin.

“We have sent the bodies for postmortem and further investigation is on to unearth the sequence and circumstances of the case,” the police said.

Both Delhi and Ghaziabad police are trying to ascertain whether Ravi has any criminal antecedents as he had fired on the temple on each of his four victims and had used an automatic pistol. Ravi is a resident of Ghaziabad.


Villagers thrash cop for illicit relations with another man’s daughter in law !!


A cop having illicit relations with a married woman was thrashed and injured by villagers near Ranchi

While this vigilantee justice prevailed, one wonders what happens to that Daughter in Law

Was this Daughter in law a 498a daughter in law ???



Villagers thrash cop

TNN Sep 2, 2012, 02.37PM IST

GARHWA: Having an illicit relationship with a woman proved costly for an ASI of the Ramuna police station in Garhwa district.

Police said the ASI, Binu Oraon, was standing under a tree at an isolated place inTandawa village under Ramuna police station area waiting for the woman with whom he allegedly had an illicit relationship. As luck would have it, somebody saw him, mistook him to be a thief and raised an alarm.

At this, other villagers rushed to the spot, caught the ASI and gave him a thorough thrashing. The severity of the beating was all the more as Oraon was well known to the villagers for having an illicit relations with the daughter-in-law of a co-villager, Ram Prasad Ram.

Meanwhile , the grievously injured ASI was rushed to RIMS in Ranchi for treatment, sources said.