WCD plans to protect young girls, Girl Friend etc from Dowry law !! i.e. protect YOUNG WOMEN !!


Only husband, his parents to be named under proposed anti-dowry law

Pradeep Sureen, Bhaskar News | Aug 30, 2012, 19:21PM IST


New Delhi: Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) plans to recommend changes in the current anti-dowry law in order to ensure that women do not misuse the law.


The ministry will table a bill in the cabinet proposing that only husband, and his parents be named in the case for dowry. The bill proposes to free other relatives from dowry charges.


Talking to Bhaskar News, WCD Minister Krishna Tirath said victims of violence related to dowry often drag other relatives who are not involved in the case. The bill aims to give relief to such relatives, he added.
The minister further said he also proposes to increase the sentence for dowry related violence and torture to up to seven years.


According to the proposed amendments, a newly married couple will be required to list all gifts received at the time of wedding, including more than Rs 5,000 cash received as Streedhan. Tirath said this will help in bringing down the number of fake cases.








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