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Was this Gang Rape case another FALSE / extortionist case ???

Every time you read the word “Rape” … or hear it over telly, something is screaming at your conscience, and instantly you start the pity  … the feelings of (social ) guilt … the revulsion at such animal behavior … the (failure of ) law and order in society ….. , the lack of protection for women etc.
Myriad other feelings  come rushing to the minds of normal men and women who are deeply disturbed by such violence against women
Within minutes the media take you thru the woman’s sorrow, and the horror
Now … one such complaint is turning out to be a complete Hoax !!
The Rapist seems to be a lover who probably eloped with the girl and the father called it rape !!
What should we do with such cases ??? what should we do with men and women who falsely accuse a man of rape ??
————- news report —————–

Gaya ‘rape victim’ ties knot with ‘tormentor’

Abdul Qadir, TNN Aug 11, 2012, 04.50AM IST

GAYA: Priyanka, 19-year-old Degree Part I student of GBM College, Gaya, who hit the headlines on Thursday by getting admitted to Kudra (Kaimur) Primary Health Centre (PHC) alleging gangrape and subsequently made a ‘U’ turn denying rape and abduction, entered into a wed lock with Ashutosh, who, as per the complaint lodged by her father Naval Kumar had kidnapped her on Tuesday.

The ‘love marriage’ was ‘arranged’ by Yuvak Sangh, in Makhdum Mohiuddin auditorium of MG College, Gaya. The organisation conducted a marriage sans Vedic mantras and the love birds only exchanged garlands to become man and wife. Parents of both Priyanka and Ashutosh attended the function as guests. Though in love with Priyanka, Ashutosh was initially reluctant to marry at this stage and buy time to first settle in life. But the turn of events overtook Ashutosh and the beloved became wife sooner than his plan. Scripted virtually as a Bollywood event, the ceremony was witnessed by a large number of people.

The invitees included urban development minister Prem Kumar, former minister and Tekari MLA Arun Kumar and Atri MLA Krishna Nandan Yadav. Gaya SSP Vinay Kumar did not attend the ceremony.

Yuvak Sangh activists including its convener Arvind Verma decried social evils like dowry. According to Verma, “Yuvak Sangh is trying to unshackle society from orthodox social conventions.”

Meanwhile, the Gaya police have let off the father of the 19-year-old girl, by not exercising its power to book him under Section 211 of IPC for filing a false kidnapping case with the Muffassil police station, that caused much harassment to the police and kept it on tenterhooks for more than 24 hours. Section 211 of the IPC gives the power to the police to prosecute any person filing a false criminal case and the offence is punishable with seven years of imprisonment and fine.

SSP Vinay Kumar said there is no need to book the man, as apparently he did not mean to harass the police by filing a false case.