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Serial divorces regular in city courts now


Comment : Serial divorces are becoming regular in Indian cities !!!! …. However NO one wishes to talk about misuse of law or the so called feminist upswing ….. they are still running after stray straws

Many are talking of MUTUAL consent divorces !!! Yeah …I believe it was ALL just MUTUAL and NO money was exchanged !!!!!





Serial divorces regular in city courts now

  • August 13, 2012
  • DC
  • Hyderabad

Filing for divorce even after a second marriage has now become a regular feature in city family courts, pointed out advocates. The reasons for such divorces vary, based on the age group of the couples, whether they are in their 30s or 40s. Some second divorces are due to couples hastily rushing into wedlock soon after a divorce in a hurry to ‘move on’ with life, they said.

“Couples in their 30s are making this mistake of marrying again too soon after a divorce, even before they can fully recover from the emotional trauma of a break-up. But within a year or two, differences and ego problems crop up again, taking the couples to court once more, where they opt for mutual divorce,” said family court advocate Anita Salabh Jain.

In the case of IIM graduate Ashok and his IITian wife Anuradha, both in their early 30s, their second marriage too ended in a mutual divorce. “After the first divorce, I had been on friendly terms with my first husband and we would call or greet each other occasionally. However, after his remarriage, his wife didn’t like us keeping in touch. I still remember my first break-up with regret. I feel had there been adequate counseling, our marriage could have been saved. This feeling affected my second marriage with Ashok and the rift grew. So, we decided to part ways through a mutual divorce,” said Anuradha.

When it comes to couples in their 40s, the reasons for the break-up are different. The differences stem mainly from physical incompatibility. Most of the women remarry for companionship at this age. They enter menopause and suffer from various gynaecological problems, while the men are still sexually active. This physical incompatibility is the main reason for divorce, despite second marriages at this age, informed lawyers.





GOOD new for fighters …. VERY BAD for “quick fix” … Getting remarried may become more difficult


Getting remarried may become more difficult

Kanchan Chaudhari, Hindustan Times
Mumbai, August 18, 2012

In an order that could make it tougher for separated spouses to remarry, the Bombay high court has held that the lapse of the 30-day period provided for filing an appeal against a decree of divorce does not automatically grant the right to remarry. “Section 15 (of the Hindu Marriage Act)
only decrees that it shall be lawful for either party to marry again under certain circumstances,” justice SS Shinde observed, in the order pronounced on August 13. “It does not follow that the right to remarry ensues automatically after expiry of the 30 days from the date of decree of divorce,” Shinde said.

According to the Hindu Marriage Act, either partner can appeal against the decree of divorce within 30 days of the order. “If an appeal is presented, one will have to wait for it to be dismissed,” he said.

The court was hearing an appeal filed by a Dhule resident, who had married a 22-year-old Anganwadi teacher in May 2003. He approached a court seeking legal separation and the marriage was annulled on September 15, 2009. He then got remarried in February 2010.

His first wife approached the district judge in 2010, challenging the annulment order also filed a plea to condone the delay in filing the appeal. The district judge allowed her plea to be admitted, after which the husband moved the high court on June 23, 2011.

The husband argued that the appeal was not maintainable in view of his second marriage. He further contended that he had accrued the right to remarry, as he had waited for about five months after the annulment of his first marriage. The HC, however, discarded his plea observing that the section merely ordains that legally separated parties can get remarried under certain circumstances.

The judge also took into consideration the fact that the first wife’s status and prospects of her remarriage would be affected if her appeal is not decided on. “In such a situation, there will be irreparable loss to the respondent [the wife],” the judge ruled.


Engineer arrested for wife’s murder


Engineer arrested for wife’s murder

TNN | Aug 18, 2012, 04.01AM IST

KOLKATA: A 28-year-old homemaker was allegedly murdered by her engineer husband over dowry at Motilal Mallick Lane in Baranagar on Friday morning. While the husband, Somdev Paul, was arrested, the victim’s mother-in-law is absconding. The body was sent for autopsy.

The victim, Mousumi, was found dead in her room at 4.30am on Friday, police said. While Somdev claimed that his wife died of a heart attack, Mousumi’s father, Gobardhan Ghosh said that his daughter was smothered by a pillow in her sleep. Gobardhan lodged a complaint with Baranagar police against Somdev and his mother Krishna.

“We have arrested Somdev. A murder case has been initiated. We are looking for the victim’s mother-in-law,” said Himadri Banerjee, officer in charge of Baranagar police station.

A 28-year-old house wife was allegedly murdered by her engineer husband for dowry at Motilal Mallick Lane in Baranagar early on Friday. The accused Somdev Paul, an automobile engineer allegedly suffocated his wife Mousumi to death with a pillow while she was sleeping. Police have arrested Somedev. Krishna Paul, another accused and the victim’s mother-in-law is still absconding.

Police said, around 4.30 am on Friday Mousumi was found dead in her room. She was also in semi-naked condition and was lying on the bed. Somdev, her husband reportedly told the police that she died after suffering a heart attack in her sleep. Her body was sent for an autopsy.

The victim’s family members alleged that their daughter was being tortured regularly for dowry by her in-laws who chocked her to death with a pillow early on Friday. They lodged a murder complaint with Baranagar PS against Somdev and his mother Krishna Paul.

Somedev, an engineer of a private automobile company in Kolkata had married Mousumi, a resident of Domjur in Howrah four years back. The couple has a one-and-half-year-old son.

Mousumi’s father Gobardhan Ghosh alleged that though he had paid at least Rs 2.5 lakh on her in-laws demands at the marriage, her husband demanded more money after the marriage. “At my daughter’s marriage I had spent at least Rs 2.5 lakh and had also given gold ornaments on demands from her in-laws but Somedev and his mother used to torture my daughter physically and mentally demanding more money. My daughter told us several times that she was being tortured in her in-laws’ house. We went to their Baranagar house to convince them that I could not meet their demands and also requested them not to torture her, but they did not pay any heed to our request and continued torturing,” said Ghosh.

He also said that Somedev called him up and told that Mousumi died after suffering a heart attack. “It was around 4.40 am I got stunned when my son-in-law called up and told me that my daughter died in her sleep. My daughter was not suffering from any disease and we do not believe that she died after suffered a heart attack. We rushed to her in-laws house and found her lying on the bed in semi-naked condition. She tried her best to save herself while she was being suffocated with burying her face in a pillow,” Ghosh said.

“We have arrested Somdev on the basis of a complaint lodged by the victim’s father. A murder case has been initiated against the accused. We are also looking for the victim’s mother-in-law in this connection,” said Himadri Banerjee, officer-in-charge of Baranagar PS.