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Nearly 1 lakh 498-A cases in India during 2011 !!! 498-A Industry continues to thrive

Tough cops dole out some free advice too

, TNN | Aug 14, 2012, 07.50AM IST

CHENNAI: While police have orders from the Tamil Nadu chief minister’s cell to properly register and investigate all genuine cases of marital discord, they prefer to send the couples for counselling first.

“As per the law, we have to give the couple enough time and counselling to try and keep the marriage intact. Some may think it is very tedious process. But we need this to strengthen our culture ,” a police officer said.Also, say police, the lines often overlap between the Domestic Violence Act and the Dowry Prohibition Act, making their task more complicated . A woman can file a case against her husband under the Domestic Violence Act and also under the Dowry Prohibition Act (DP Act), wherein her in-laws can also be implicated.

If she files under the DP Act, she can opt for alimony from her husband, live in the same house, or move out. According to lawyer P Sumathi, the objective of the DP Act is to prohibit the practice of dowry. “If the woman opts to register a case under the Dowry Violence Act, her husband will not be punished directly. He has to just follow the court’s orders regarding he benefits due to his wife,” says a police officer.

The police say though they do not have too much power to exercise under the Domestic Violence Act. “If the petitioner insists on registering a case under the Domestic Violence Act, we forward the cases to the protection officer or the social welfare officer,” says Vasundara Devi, assistant commissioner of police, Chennai city cyber crime wing.

But on the other hand, there are cases of husbands crying foul play against wives for registering false cases against them under the Dowry Prohibition Act. “That is why we suggest counselling first. If that does not work, then we forward the case to the all woman police station nearest to their house,” says a police officer.

According to the National Crime Records Bureau 2011 report , it is learnt that the women are more subject to violence inside their homes than outside. The report brings out the fact that in more than 50% of the cases of domestic violence reported last year, the accused were either husbands or close relatives. Out of the 2,28,650 incidents in the country, husbands and in-laws were the accused in 50% (1,14,372) of the cases.

Cruelty by husbands (Section 498-a ) accounted for a major share — 99,135 cases.

Cruelty by husband also accounts for a majority of the crimes against women in the state. Out of the total 6,940 cases registered, 1,812 cases were filed under Section 498-a of the IPC.The state also recorded 152 dowry deaths and 195 cases of dowry prohibition. However, IPC Section 498-a , which accounts for a major chunk of the cases, is also often termed as a much misused law. For a few years now, campaigners have been alleging that the law was often misused by a few women to harass their estranged husbands and in-laws .


…Finally, the grandmother let go of the child she was holding. The child ran towards his father’s family. …..

Publication: Bangalore Mirror; Date: Aug 14, 2012; Section: City; Page: 7    

Kids are not things, HC tells warring families but advice falls on deaf ears Father and grandmother of minor children get involved in an ugly spat outside the High Court after division bench rules that the former is the custodian and the latter can only visit

S Shyam Prasad


    Adivision bench of the High Court on Monday ruled that two minor children would live with their father and their maternal grandparents would have the rights to only visit them. That should have been the end of the case. However, the two families were involved in an ugly spat outside the court and almost came to blows in the presence of the children. Despite the best efforts of their advocates the warring parties left the court on a bitter note.

    The maternal grandmother of a six-year-old and four-year-old had filed a habeas corpus petition contending that the children were kept in illegal confinement by their father. The mother of the children is dead and they are in the custody of their father for the last two years. The children were presented in court along with their father. His brother, mother and other family members also came to court.The maternal grand mother,her son and other members were also present in court.

    When the matter came up before the division bench of Justice DV Shylendra Kumar and Justice BV Pinto, the father contended that he was taking care of his sons and they were not in illegal confinement. The grandmother said that she was not even being allowed to visit the children and would be threatened with weapons if she went to his place. The judges told both the parties to set aside their differences and remarked that children were not things or properties that they should fight this way. They noted that, at this juncture, the father was the guardian and the grandmother or others could not be given custody. However, the father was told that the grandmother and other relatives should be given the opportunity, without bias, to visit the children. In the court, the grandmother took one of the children in her arms. After the court ruling, she came out crying with the kid still in her arms.


    Right outside the court hall, the father tried to snatch the kid from the grandmother. She resisted and before things could worsen, a police sentry shooed them away. They moved a little further and started trading charges. The father then left but his brother continued to argue with the grandmother. In the presence of other advocates, the two families started trading charges. Their counsel tried to pacify them and it was agreed that the child would be handed to the father in a few minutes.

    However, the exchange of foul abuses continued. They were warned by the police on duty once again. Advocates and other clients told the fighting parties that they could get into trouble with court authorities if they continued to fight. All of them then came out of the HC building and gathered near the Mark Cubbon statue, which is inside the court’s security perimeter. Just when everyone thought that the matter was over, tempers flared up again with the families started abusing each other. Two of them almost came to blows. They stood on either side of the road and exchanged words. Finally, the grandmother let go of the child she was holding. The child ran towards his father’s family. The two parties went in opposite directions continuing to shout obscenities that drew the attention of more advocates and passersby.



Woman runs away from marriage and starts living with boyfriend ! Brother kills woman, boyfriend !


Behind every man’s ________, there is a woman !!

Man arrested for killing sister, boyfriend

Monday, August 13th 2012, 03:32 PM

Jaipur, Aug 13 — A man was Monday arrested for stabbing his sister and her friend in Rajasthan’s Sirohi district in a suspected “honour killing” case, police said.

The man, identified as Laxman Kumar, 22, stabbed to death his sister Sangita, 20, and her boyfriend Rafeeq, they added.

According to police, the incident took place in a village near Swarupganj town in the district, some 450 km from Jaipur.

“Sangita had eloped with Rafeeq last year. However, her family members registered a case against Rafeeq. The girl was traced and handed over to her family members,” said a police officer.

The officer said the family members forcibly got Sangita married to someone else.

“However, Sangita left her husband and started living with Rafeeq soon after the marriage,” said the officer.

“It irked her brother Laxman. He stabbed his sister and Rafeeq Sunday evening while the couple were going somewhere on a bike. Laxman fled from the spot after killing both of them,” said the officer.


Read more: http://india.nydailynews.com/business/0cd251f05da3cb57dab587b1b21e2d03/man-arrested-for-killing-sister-boyfriend#ixzz23UslIuW0