The police themselves decide that they did NOT rape NRG woman !! :-(

Rape allegation against police personnel by NRG woman false, claim police !


Comment : No FIR filed even though there is an allegation of a cognizable offense !!


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Prashant Dayal, TNN Jul 30, 2012, 03.46AM IST

AHMEDABAD: City crime branch has concluded that the rape allegations leveled by Vododara based NRG woman against four persons including two police officials are false.

They have found no evidence against the accused and has decided that no FIR can be registered against the persons she has named.

The crime branch will be furnishing the progress report in the case to the Gujarat High Court on Monday. The woman had approached the high court saying that the crime branch was not registering an FIR in her complaint.

Sources said that the complainant did not disclose that she had been raped while she was being subjected to medical examinations twice by different medical officers. Also, she never mentioned about rape to any of her co-accused in a land scam for which she had been in custody of CID (crime).

Despite being summoned thrice, she failed to turn up before the crime branch officials to get her statement recorded, sources added.

The complainant made no reference to the rape even at the time when the magistrate had asked her about any grievances when she was being shifted to judicial custody.

Sources further said that the documents collected from the court do not make any mention about the rape and neither did the complainant ever discuss the issue with the woman constables at the CID (crime) office.

There is no evidence available against the four accused in the case. Sources said that the charges leveled by the NRG woman against two senior police officials and two others have been found to be false. “The call details and the mobile tower locations mentioned do not establish their presence at the alleged spot of crime,” sources said.

Crime branch officials could not get anyone to corroborate the charges leveled by her at the woman barracks of the jail.



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