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தாத்தாவை அடித்து நொறுக்கி, பக்கத்து அறையில் அப்பாவி சிறுமியை கற்பழித்த போலீஸ் நண்பன்

தாத்தாவை அடித்து நொறுக்கி, பக்கத்து அறையில் அப்பாவி சிறுமியை கற்பழித்த போலீஸ் நண்பன்

இந்த நாடு எங்கே போய்க்கொண்டு இருக்குது ??


குறிப்பு : வேறு கேஸ்களில் கணவணை கேள்வி கேட்கிறேன் என்று கணவனையும், அவன் குடும்பத்தாரையும் அவமானப்படுத்துவதும் இதே போலீஸ் தான் !!!

அரசே !!! உடனடியாக குடும்ப பிரெச்சனைகளில் போலீஸ் தலையீட்டை நிறுத்து !!!! நிறுத்து !!!! நிறுத்து !!!!


LUCKNOW: Three police constables and their civilian friend were arrested and sent to jail in Budaun in connection with the rape of a minor girl inside a police outpost late in the night on Sunday. Allegations are that the victim and her maternal grandfather were brought to the police outpost after the locals near Durgah Barde Sarkar got suspicious of their behaviour and informed the police. At the police outpost, the cops first allegedly demanded Rs 20,000 from the duo to let them free. When the two expressed their inability to meet their demands, the cops allegedly assaulted the old man while their civilian friend raped her at the police outpost itself.

The accused were however arrested when the same locals who had handed her over to the police, overheard her cries from inside the police outpost and informed the senior officials who reached the site and caught the accused red handed. Police then registered a case of rape and assault against three police constables on duty at the police outpost and their civilian friend involved in the crime. The four accused were later sent to jail.

A native of Rampur district, the minor girl had come to Budaun to visit Durgah Barde Sarkar situated in Lal Pul area under Kotwali police circle on Sunday evening. Two constables from the Lal Pul police outpost under Kotwali city police station – later identified as Ausaaf Ali and Majid Hussain – arrived at the scene on a motorcycle and brought the duo to the police outpost, a couple of hundred meters away from the Durgah. After sustained grilling, the cops allegedly demanded Rs 20,000 from the duo to set them free. When they expressed their inability to pay the cops, the two cops left the site leaving behind constable Sumit Kumar at the outpost on watch duty.

According to the victim, shortly thereafter constable Sumit once again started questioning the duo when he was joined by one Gopal – later identified as a local resident and a friend of the cops. Allegations are that Gopal started misbehaving with the minor girl, her grandfather objected to it. This left the two so angry that Sumit assaulted the old man while Gopal dragged the girl away to another room.

SSP Budaun RK Srivastava said that on the complaint of the girl a case of rape was lodged against the two accused and the other constables who brought the girl to the outpost were also rounded up and arrested as accused.


More at : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/lucknow/Three-cops-held-for-raping-minor-inside-police-post/articleshow/13618089.cms