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Take action against girl for filing false rape case: HC to cops

Updated: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 21:47 IST
The Indian Express

Take action against girl for filing false rape case: HC to cops

Express news service : New Delhi, Mon Apr 02 2012, 02:43 hrs
A court asked the Delhi Police to take action against a woman who falsely accused a policeman of raping her because she was upset with him.

Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Atul Kumar Garg acquitted Muzaffarnagar resident Subhash Chander Chaudhary, working as a constable with the Delhi Police, against whom the complainant had lodged a false rape case last year.

“A copy of this judgment is sent to the DCP (South) with direction to take appropriate action against the complainant (girl) who had put the state machinery against the accused knowing very well that she was filing a false complaint,” the order read.

The court let off the accused after the girl, in her deposition during the trial, admitted that she had given a false complaint to the police against Chaudhary as she was angry with him.

The girl had in May last year given a complaint to an Assistant Commissioner of Police alleging the policeman married her in 2007 despite already being married and having two children in his village.

She alleged Chaudhary posed as unmarried and forced her to marry him and he raped her continuously.

She also alleged that Chaudhary was also involved in human trafficking and had stolen two vehicles from Arunachal Pradesh which he sold here.

After a probe into the case, the police filed a chargesheet, indicting the constable. The court subsequently framed charges against him in February this year.

During the trial, the girl told the court that she knew Chaudhary as they were friends and due to some misunderstanding, she lodged the complaint against him.

After her testimony, the court did not examine any other witnesses saying when the girl herself had not said anything substantial against the accused, no useful purpose would be served in examining others.

“There being no incriminating evidence available on judicial record, examination of accused is dispensed with. The accused is acquitted from the offence punishable under Section 376 (rape) of the IPC,” the court said.


கள்ளக்காதலனால், கணவனை கொலைசெய்ய எவப்பட்ட கொலையாளிகள் மனைவியை கற்பழித்தனர் !!!!


கள்ளக்காதலனால் கணவனை கொலைசெய்ய எவப்பட்ட கொலையாளிகள் மனைவியை கற்பழித்தனர் !!!!

கொல்கத்தா அருகே சம்பவம்…. போலீஸ் கண்டுபிடிப்பு


ஒரு மனைவியும் அவளது கள்ளக்காதலனும் சேர்ந்து அப்பாவிக் கணவனை கொலை செய்ய திட்டமிட்டனர். மனைவிக்கும் கள்ளக்காதலனுக்கும் பல நாட்களாய் கள்ளக்காதலும் உறவும் இருந்து வந்தது. கணவன் வெளியூர் செல்லும்போதெல்லாம் மனைவி கள்ளக்காதலனை சந்திப்பது வழக்கம் 

கணாவனை கொலை செய்ய கொலையாளிகளை தயார் செய்து, ஒரு நாள் இரவு அப்பாவிக் கணவனை கொலை செய்தனர். சிறுநீர் கழிக்க எழுந்து வெளியே சென்ற கணவன் கழுத்தை அறுத்து, அவனை அடித்து கொலையாளிகள் கொலை செய்தனர்

கொலையை முடித்த கொலையாளிகள், போலீஸின் பார்வையை திருப்ப, கொள்ளையடிக்க வந்தது போல் ஒரு ஜோடனை செய்ய , விட்டை அடித்து நாசம் செய்து, சிறிது பொருட்களையும் கொள்ளை அடித்தனர்….

ஆனால் அவர்களது வெறி அத்துடன் நிற்கவில்லை ….. கணவனை கொலை செய்ய உடந்தையாய் இருந்த மனவியை கற்பழித்தனர்…

இதை கூடவே இருந்த மனைவியின் கள்ளக்காதலன் தடுக்க பார்த்தான். [ஆமாம் கள்ளக்காதலன் தான் கொலையாளிகளை அழைத்து வந்தது !!]

ஆசைநாயகியின் கற்பழிப்பை தடுக்க வந்த கள்ளக்காதலனை கட்டிப்போட்டு விட்டு கணவனை கொலை செய்த அந்தப் பெண்ணை கற்பழித்தனர்…..

இதிலிருந்து தப்பித்துக்கொண்ட கள்ளக்காதலன் கூச்சலிட்டு கிராமத்து மக்களை எழுப்பிவிட்டதில் கற்பழித்த கொலையாளிகள் தப்பி ஓடினர்


போலீஸ் விசாரணைக்கு வந்த போது கொலைகாரி மனைவி களவு ஆகியவற்றை போலீஸில் சொல்லிவிட்டு, கற்பழிப்பை சொல்லாமல் விட்டு விட்டாள் … கிராமத்து மக்கள் கட்டாயத்தின் பெயரில் , அவளது 14 வயது மகனின் வாக்குமூலத்தில், ஒரு கற்பழிப்பு புகாரையும் ஏனோ தானோ என்று சேர்த்தாள்…. இது போலீஸாருக்கு சந்தேகத்தை கொடுத்தது ….


போலீஸ் துப்பு துலக்கியதில் உண்மைகள் வெளியாயின


செய்திகள் மேலும் ………

Woman raped by goons she hired to kill husband

, TNN | Apr 3, 2012, 01.17AM IST

Woman raped by goons she hired to kill husband

Investigators say a 39-year-old woman in Hooghly’s Polba, 60km from Kolkata, was raped by the killers she had hired with the help of her lover to murder her husband.
POLBA (HOOGHLY): Police have dug up a fact more bizarre than fiction in the gangrape of a 39-year-old woman in Hooghly’s Polba, 60km from Kolkata. Investigators say she was raped by the killers she had hired with the help of her lover to murder her husband.

The lover, Zico Pal alias Potla, is a rich, married farmer 14 years younger to the woman. He wept inconsolably in the police station as he narrated how he tried to stop the killers from raping her, sources said. But the gang tied him up and went on raping the woman.

The four killers had been hired by Potla from Belgharia on the city’s fringes, Baranagar and Bandel, police said. He and the woman have confessed to the crime. The lovers and the killers have been arrested.

Police grew suspicious of the woman because she seemed reluctant to file a complaint of rape although a medical examination had confirmed sexual assault. Her FIR mentioned only dacoity and murder. It was her 14-year- old son, Kushal, who told the villagers she had been raped. She added a rape complaint at their insistence.

The incident occurred around midnight on March 28 in Patna village of Polba. The woman’s 50-year-old husband, Krishna Chandra Mal, a wealthy potato farmer, was attacked in his courtyard when he got up to go to the bathroom. The robbers slit Mal’s throat and stabbed him repeatedly before they ransacked the house to make it look like a dacoity. They tied and gagged his wife and son. But before leaving with the loot, they took turns sexually assaulting the woman.

Potla has admitted he had led the way to Mal’s house and was present during the incident, police said. He had not told the gang of his involvement with the woman and was shocked when they decided to rape her before leaving the house. He tried to stop them but in vain. It was Kushal who managed to free himself and alert neighbours.

Inconsistencies in woman’s statements alerted police:

Police say the woman had a kind of obsession for Potla. “The two would meet whenever she went to her maternal home in Balagarh. Potla would even visit her house on a motorcycle when her husband was not around. The two would spend some time in private on the terrace. After arresting the criminals who raided Mal’s house, we came to know that they were hired by Potla. The conspiracy became clear thereafter,” an officer said. “During sustained interrogation, the woman broke down and confessed to her involvement,” he added.

“There were inconsistencies in the woman’s statements from the start. Since the time we started the investigation, we suspected that there was more to the incident than what was being said. It was after sustained interrogation of the woman and the four accused that we got to the bottom of the matter,” said Hooghly SP Tanmoy Roy Chowdhury.