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 JAKARTA woman…


JAKARTA woman who had consensual sex, claims GANG RAPE !!


Fri, February 3, 2012

Jakarta Student’s False Rape Claim May Lead to Charges

Bayu Marhaenjati | January 30, 2012

A nursing student who retracted a claim that she had been gang raped earlier this month may be charged with making a false report, Jakarta Police say.

An 18-year-old woman, identified as J.M., earlier said that she was raped by five men as she waited for a public minivan near a railway line in South Jakarta, but there were no signs of a physical abuse or violence.

Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Rikwanto said there was also no evidence of a rape near the railway line, while J.M. had admitted having consensual sex with 23-year-old S.U.

“We have obtained a confession from the victim [J.M.] that she was embarrassed to tell her family she’d had sex. Her earlier report was probably incorrect,” the police spokesman said.

“We cannot say whether J.M. can be charged with making a fabricated report. We are still investigating the case deeper, including why she lied.”

Rikwanto said that police doubted the victim’s remarks after she failed to pinpoint the exact location where she was raped and show police signs of physical assault.

The student had claimed that she was waiting for an angkot on Jan. 20 when a group of men began harassing her.

She said she ran away, but the men followed and caught up with her by a railroad track, where they knocked her unconscious. She claimed that upon regaining consciousness the next morning, she found the zipper on her pants undone.

Police obtained a different version of events after arresting S.U., who claimed to have been acquainted with the victim prior to the alleged incident.

“They’d known each other for two days. They met in a chatroom [on the Internet] and became close because they were from the same town,” Rikwanto said.

The police spokesman said that both agreed to meet on the night of the incident.

“They were out so late she was afraid of coming home to her boarding room, so the pair went to one of S.U.’s friends’ house,” he said, adding that at the house the two had sex.

Rikwanto said that police had not charged S.U. with any offense.

J.M.’s mother had come to Jakarta from Dumai, Riau, to comfort her, police said.

“The victim is still psychologically depressed. Earlier we thought that she was depressed from the rape, but with the new testimony she might have been depressed from embarrassment and for making a false report,” Rikwanto said.

“Maybe because she was confused or ashamed about having sex, she was trying to excuse it by saying she was raped.”


We men are responsible for feminism’s vice like grip

We men are responsible for feminism’s vice like grip


Feminism has made great strides; it has a vice like grip on families .. our offices .. our lives and the lives of our children … ; Children are loosing fathers at an unprecedented rate ; families are breaking and law is turning a blind eye


– But men hold more than 50% of the popular vote in most societies;

– more men are mayors , corporators, senators, members of parliament. congressmen and presidents;

– HOW CAN such family breaking laws, feminist breeding laws be enacted AND enforced without the active support and complicity of men ??

– Who voted these laws in the senates and parliaments ?

– who enforces these laws by arresting men ? by garnishing their pay checks ? by threatening them legally or otherwise ?


YES !!! We men are responsible for feminism’s vice like grip


Unless men understand this basic premise, learn, organise and fight for our basic rights, there is NO future for men


ITS time to wake up … ITS time to organise … Its time to see the day light


நாம் தான் காரணம் …ஆம் பெமினிசத்துக்கு ஆண்கள் காரணம்

நாம் தான் காரணம் …ஆம் பெமினிசத்துக்கு ஆண்கள் காரணம்


பெமினிசம் (feminism) ரொம்ப தூரம் போய்விட்டது என்கிறோம், குடும்பங்களை கொல்கிறது என்கிறோம் …. நேர்மையான தந்தைகளையும், பாட்டனாரையும் சிறையிடுகிறது என்கிறோம் …. சட்டங்கள் சரியில்லை என்கிறோம்


மொத்த ஓட்டுக்களில் குறைந்தப்டசம் 40% ..50% … 60% வோட்டுகள் ஆண்களின் ஓட்டுகள் ; வரிப்பணத்தில் 90% ஆண்களில் வியர்வை ; நாடாளு … பாராளுமன்றத்தில் சுமார் 70%க்கு மேல் ஆண்களில் எண்ணிக்கை


ஆண்களின் ஓட்டுகள் இல்லாமல் எப்படி சட்டம் இயற்ற முடியும் ?

ஆண்களின் பலமில்லாமலா போலீஸ் கைது செய்கிறது ?

லஞ்சத்துக்காக  கணவனின் தாயாரை மிறட்டுபவன் யார் ?

லெட்சக்கணக்கில் ஜீவனாம்ச தீர்ப்பு சொல்லும் நீதிபதி யார் ?

குழந்தகளை தகப்பனிடமிருந்து பிரித்து தகப்பன் பெயர் தெரியாது அடிக்கும் சட்டமியற்றியது யார் ??  தீர்ப்பு சொல்வது யார் ?

ஆக ஆண்களின் பலரின் ஒப்புதலும் ஆதரவும் இல்லாமல் பெமினிசம் (feminism) எப்படி வந்தது ? வளர்ந்தது ??

நாம் தான் காரணம் …ஆம் பெமினிசத்துக்கு ஆண்கள் காரணம்