MBA student ar…

MBA student arrested for allegedly killing wife …. did the media eagerness die after the first couple of posts ? any developments in this case ?


IIM student arrested for suspected dowry death in Andhra

Sreenivas Janyala Tags : Andhra Pradesh Police, IIM student arrested, dowry death Posted: Tue May 24 2011, 03:45 hrs

Husband Gangavarupu Niranjan, 27, is an MBA student at IIM-Indore. “Both of them hail from Guntur and got married on May 23 last year,” Investigating Officer Srinivas Reddy said.

While Niranjan was staying in Indore, Anantalakshmi was living in a hostel at Vanasthalipuram after Niranjan asked her to enrol for an English course in Hyderabad. Though they met once every two months or so, both of them apparently had problems right from the beginning and six months ago went in for counselling, where Niranjan gave a written undertaking to be nice to his wife.

On May 21, Reddy said, they got a complaint from Anantalakshmi’s mother that her daughter was missing and not answering her phone. “Suspecting Niranjan, we arrested him and he confessed to having killed her with the help of his friends… While dowry is one angle, he is yet to confess what was the real motive,’’ Reddy said.

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