Sonia Gandhi’s Surgery(?)

Padmini Natarajan

Has she gone to find the ‘mole’ who is leaking info and to get it removed?
Padmini Natarajan

Sonia Gandhi’s Surgery(?)


Ever wondered why Madam Gandhi had to go at this time for surgery? And what was the ailment that could not have been attended to by Indian doctors? If Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s knees could have been replaced in Mumbai by a surgeon of Indian origin, why Madam Gandhi needed to go abroad for her surgery(?)
And even Manmohan Singh though a pensioner of the World bank and able to get medical treatment in the US got his heart surgery done in Delhi…….PN
And has she actually gone to the US or some other country?
I suspect the need for her to go abroad at this time is linked to the fact that Dr. Subramaniam Swamy’s petition for the permission to prosecute Madam Gandhi for corruption charges, pending with the Prime Minister’s Office, has to be decided before the end of August this year. Dr. Swamy has given incontrovertible proof of Sonia Gandhi’s accounts in foreign banks, and these cannot be overlooked or ignored. Madam Gandhi is actually suffering from an acute enlargement of her wealth gland.
The real surgery for which Madam Gandhi has gone abroad has to do with the operation of her illegal bank accounts, as time is running out for her and her cronies. That is why even Kalanidhi Maran has disappeared from Chennai and is rumoured to have escaped to Zurich.
Time is running out for India, and if the corrupt Congress and its cronies are not thrown out, prosecuted, punished, and the looted amounts not recovered from them, this country will become another Banana republic like Zimbabwe and some other African states. The loot committed by the Congress bosses and their cronies is enough to lift the entire BPL population of India out of the poverty trap, while paving the way for responsible and accountable governance.
Blogger’s Disclaimer

  • This post is not written by me’s a forward.I received this piece by mail.
  • Normally I do not subscribe to circulating such mails
  • However, just by me not forwarding it, this message is not going to be stopped from circulation, given the sensitivity of subject and the wit and sarcasm such news carry.
  • Hence this is posted for benefit of my friends and readers of this blog
  • NO OTHER MOTIVES or Major political views

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