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Rs. 40000 for the “services” of a girl !! – Sex Racket busted in Delhi

Police bust high-profile sex racket, arrest five prostitutes

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New Delhi: The police on Wednesday claimed to have busted a high-profile sex racket with the arrest of five prostitutes and two pimps, who catered to well heeled clientele in the capital.

“The kingpin of the racket has been identified as Najma Khan, 27, who is a high-profile prostitute with a network of call girls and also operates as a pimp. She lives a luxurious life in her house in Chattarpur Enclave,” said a police official.

“Acting on a tip-off received on Tuesday, a police official, posing as a customer, reached near Qutub Minar where the pimp was present in his Santro car. He was approached by the pimp and offered the services,” added the official.

After striking the deal with the official, the pimp asked him to wait till he returned with the girls. After some time, two fashionable girls arrived in a white Audi car. The pimp asked for Rs 40,000 for the services of one of the girls and Rs 10,000 for the other,” the official added.

“When the official expressed his inability to pay such a high rate, the pimp allegedly offered the services of lower grade prostitutes also. He took the official to a flat at Chattarpur Enclave. The members of the police team followed them and raided the flat and arrested five call girls and two pimps from the flat,” added the officer.

During interrogation, Khan said that she was from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, and came to New Delhi six years ago.

Khan, who speaks fluent English, had been arrested for prostitution twice in the past.

“One of the girls is from Mumbai and came to Delhi six years ago. She claims to have married a renowned builder here. She was also arrested,” added the officer.

“It has also been revealed that they pick up girls from poor families from trans-Yamuna area by alluring them with good financial returns and luxurious lifestyle after a short training session for their grooming,” said the officer.

“They are instructed not to indulge much in conversation with customers that could expose their real background and otherwise they are trained in wearing expensive attire and pose as good professional call girls,” added the official.

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