mother in law, sister in law, aunts can be booked under DV act, Raj HC

Mother in law, sister, sister in law, aunts .. any woman related to a man !! can be booked under DV act,

Raj HC


Females can also be tried under Domestic Violence Act: Raj HC

Jaipur, May 18 (PTI)

Rajasthan High Court has ruled that if a female relative of a husband is accused of torturing his wife she can also be tried for offences under the Domestic Violence Act.

The court”s ruling came on a writ petition filed by Kanees Faatima alleging that she has been booked for causing domestic violence against her relative Sagir Bano under the Act whose objective was to book only males for the offences.

A division bench of Justice N K Jain and Justice R S Rathore has ruled that the correct legal position regarding the interpretation of the various provisions of the Domestic Violence Act is to bring to book all those who commit atrocities on women at home, including matrimonial home, as no one can be spared merely on the ground that the accused under the Act is a female.

The petition was referred to the division bench following split opinions of the two single judge benches of High Court.

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