Advice Please – 1

Advice Please – _____ (Harassed Hubby) – _____ , India

498A Date: __/___ /2007
Any Other IPCs: 323, 504 IPC and 3/4 D.P. Act
Relatives Accused: Whole family plus my wife’s mause and mausa
Jailed Days: NO
Stage of Case: negotiation
Spent Money on 498A: 60,000/-
Lived in joint Family: YES
Marriage Date: ___/___/2004
Wife Age: 28
Wife’s Education Level: studying
Wife works (earns)?: doesNotWork
Filed for Divorce: NO
Have children: YES
Living With Wife: NO
Negotiating with Wife: NO
Took her Stridhan Back: YES
She had Any Medical Problems: NO
Willing to Help other Victims: YES
Ready for TV/Press Interivew : YES
Contact No:

Hi, am _____ aged 31 and my wife 28, have a son 1½ yrs old! my marriage completed 3+ years; out of which we are separated for 1½ yrs now.

I got married on___/___/2004; problems started arising immediately after due to all the reasons many of which are already mentioned in various cases posted on your site (You have 26 reasons of common causes for marital strife in your report “A COMPREHENSIVE REPORT ON THE MISUSE OF ANTI-DOWRY LAWS IN MARITAL DISPUTES”, 16 are applicable in my case)!

On __/ Mid /2005 our son was born!

On End 2005, she left my house with her cousin and maternal uncle, only to return on Early ___ 2006, just for Two / three weeks, that too when I 100% compromised from my side single handedly!

All my thoughts/ compromise, everything shattered in just Two / three weeks when her uncle (chacha) took her away on ___ March 2006, making me and my family, swallow every ounce of bloodied stomach acid he and his niece had.

I knew she never cared for me, but I became restless when I came to know that she has left my 1½ year old son, like an orphan, with her mother, in _____(UP), and left for ______ (a city in another state) to do MBA!

I made all possible social attempts to have them back or atleast have my son back, to look after him; he was neither getting father nor mother! When all my social attempts failed, I went to court and filed two cases:

1) U/s 9, Hindu Marriage Act, dated Dec ____ 2006, for restoration of conjugal rights!

2) U/s 25, Wards & Guardianship Act, dated Dec ___ /2006, to get my son’s custody!

On this my in-laws started threatening me of dire consequences if I do not take back these cases! Instead of coming under their pressure I filed a complaint:

3) Complaint on
Jan ___ 2007, to DM (___City in UP),
IG (______ City in UP Zone),
SSP (______ City in UP),
SO (P.S. ______, ______ City in UP),
regarding the threats being given to me!

When none of the authorities considered my application worth reacting, I filed another case:

4) U/s 420, 406, 504, 506 IPC, dated February _____ 2007!

And as a result I came to know that on March ____ 2007 an FIR No. _____ (P.S. _____ Nagar, ______ City in UP) has been filed against me and my family u/s 498A, 323, 504 IPC and 3/4 D.P. Act.

Here, it is pertinent to mention that the list of accused include 10 persons; me, my father & mother, my two married sisters and their husbands, my younger brother and MY WIFE’S REAL MAUSI AND MAUSA (her mother’s real sister and her husband); I know they do not share cordial relations but fail to understand how can they be framed in dowry case?

I approached _______ (The state’s) High Court, got arrest stayed for 7 out of10 accused, but court denied mine and my parents’.

On ____ April 2007 I took back my cases as the result of the so called compromise reached with my in-laws (just the compulsion was to avoid my parents being harassed)!

I also agreed to pay them money they asked for!

This gives me the realization as to how one feels when you have to kiss a person who has his feet on your throat!

Final Report is being placed in the FIR as so called compromise is reached! It is yet to be accepted by court!

Please advise what course of action I should take to get rid of my wife!

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