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498A not only against husband but also against husband’s father, mother, brother, sister, etc.

Supreme court of India !!! :

“………..The appellant has also filed a maintenance petition against her husband. What can she possibly get by prosecuting him as well as his family members? 

The appellant filed the criminal case under Section 498A etc.  not only against her husband but also against her husband’s father, mother, brother, sister, etc.

In exercise of our discretionary jurisdiction under Article 136, we are not inclined to interfere with the impugned Judgment of the High Court quashing the criminal case filed by the appellant.

After all, the appellant will not get any benefit by sending her husband or his family members to jail.  She is pursuing her maintenance case, and if she is so advised she can also file a suit for damages, which if filed will be decided on its own merits. ….”

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Appeal (civil) 5131 of 2006 – Lekha V P. Anil Kumar – Custody of Minor, child interviewed

Custody of Minor. Boy of 12 years. Child interviewed and the child wishes to be with the mother. Welfare of the child Paramount. Mother’s second marriage NOT important in deciding custody in this case.

Mother shall hand over the child to father during every mid summer vacation for about a month without adversely affecting the child’s education. Father to be provided sufficient access. Mother not to prevent father from giving gifts.

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Appeal (civil) 5779 of 2006 – Sujata Uday Patil Vs Uday Madhukar Patil. – maintenance and second marriage

Divorce. Maintenance to Son and wife. Wife earns Rs. 2000 p.m.. Husband supposed to earn Rs. Rs.8,423/. Difficulties in giving immovable property in lieu of maintenance. Divorce Granted. One time maintenance fixed at Rs. 8 Lakhs

Validity of Second marriage during pendancy of appeal over earlier divorce decree etc discussed.

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SANTA SHARMA vs SUSHIL SHARMA. SC of India. 16/02/2000

Wife abducts kid from US to India. Wife also claims that Husband is an alcoholic. One of the children is a girl aged 5.

India NOT a signatory to the Hague convention – either the 1900 convention or the latest “..Convention of 25 October 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction..”.

The convention can be found at

Signatories to 1980 convention Court opines that one child is a five year old girl child and the two children cannot be separated from each other. Father’s habits also are discussed.

Wife gets custody.

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IAS officer’s wife wages RTI battle – can our mothers, sisters do the same ?

IAS officer’s wife wages RTI battle

Shweta Ganesh Kumar


Posted Sunday , June 24, 2007 at 17:14
Updated Sunday , June 24, 2007 at 17:35

Jayashree insists the website is more than a way of showing her support to her husband.

PROTESTING ON THE WEB: Jayashree insists the website is more than a way of showing her support to her husband.

Bangalore: An IAS officer and his wife are fighting back against corruption, demanding their Right To Information after six transfers this year.

Six transfers in as many months; IAS officer M N Vijaykumar has been through hell. And all the while his wife Jayashree stood with him. She even opened a website to expose the corrupt practices within the Karnataka Government. Their efforts prompted the Lok Ayukta to order the chief secretary to respond to Vijayakumar‘s application under the Right to Information Act by June 27.

Vijayakumar had asked for reasons behind his frequent transfers. The reply is yet to come, but he has got another letter from chief secretary P B Mahishi. The government has asked him to close the website run by his wife, and hints at legal action if he doesn’t fall in line.

“They are questioning why I’ve opened a website? They say I’ve done it on the behest of my husband. They are ignoring my entity. They said I cannot do anything till I disassociate from my husband,” says Jayashree, Vijaykumar‘s wife, who opened ‘Fight Corruption’, the website to wage her husband’s battle.

Jayashree approached the women’s commission which has directed the chief secretary to appear for a hearing on Monday. When contacted, Mahishi refused to comment on the issue. Jayashree, on her part, insists that the website is more than a way of showing her support to her husband.

“Our focus is in bringing good governance to Karnataka. We are fighting to that end,” insists Jayashree.

The RTI Act was instituted to ensure the common man’s right to information. But when it’s the very right that is questioned, then there’s scant little that the common man can do.

“…The wife did not teach the husband how to win. …”

“…The wife did not teach the husband how to swing a golf club. The wife did not teach the husband how to win. The golf swing and the success as a professional golfer which the husband brought into this marriage opened commercial doors during the course of this marriage which would otherwise not have been available…..”

Wife takes $100m bite out of golf’s Great White Shark

By Stephen Foley in New York

Published: 25 June 2007


He may be the one nicknamed the Great White Shark, but it is Greg Norman’s wife who has proved to possess the sharpest teeth in the couple’s acrimonious divorce battle, biting a $100m (£50m) chunk out of the golfing legend’s fortune.

After a bitter one-year battle, the two-times Open Championship winner agreed to the settlement – one of sport’s largest – to spare his new girlfriend, the tennis star Chris Evert, an embarrassing appearance in a Florida courtroom.

Norman has been fighting for 12 months to resist demands that he split his $300m fortune equally with his wife of 25 years. But that all changed when lawyers for Laura Norman threatened to drag Evert into proceedings, demanding to see details of gifts the Wimbledon winner was given by Mr Norman and details of trips she took in his private jet. Evert had been a friend and neighbour of the Normans in Florida, and she has been publicly stepping out with the golfer since her own divorce last year. On a trip to his native Australia, where he is surveying an outpost of his real estate-to-clothing business empire, Norman tried to appear philosophical. “Nobody likes to go through what I’ve gone through, but that’s life and it’s over,” he said. “The terms have been agreed to; let’s move on.”

His assets had included a $35m mansion called Tranquillity in Florida’s celebrity haven, Jupiter Island, a personal jet, a helicopter and a 230ft yacht, as well as business interests that include designing golf courses, golf-themed gated communities for the well-to-do, vineyards and a popular sports clothing range.

Mrs Norman said she had been instrumental in helping her husband leverage his fame on the golf course in these other successful business ventures, serving on the boards of his companies until just last year, giving her a claim to over half his assets. At the same time, she brought up the couple’s two children, Morgan-Leigh, 24, and Gregory, 20. But in legal papers Norman dismissed his wife’s contribution to his fortune, in terms that appeared calculatedly scathing. “The wife did not teach the husband how to swing a golf club. The wife did not teach the husband how to win. The golf swing and the success as a professional golfer which the husband brought into this marriage opened commercial doors during the course of this marriage which would otherwise not have been available.”

What at first looked to be an amicable divorce turned nasty after pictures of Norman and Ms Evert holding hands appeared in newspapers. Gossip columnists in Australia and the US had been salivating at the prospect of a courtroom showdown between the Normans, where many of their friends were to have appeared to discuss the breakdown of their marriage.

Mrs Norman was in court in Stuart, Florida, to hear the settlement being approved, after which she donned her Chanel sunglasses and hit the shops with a friend. Although a minor tax issue – about who must repay write-offs from aeroplanes the couple have owned through their marriage – will have to be settled by a trial in September, Mrs Norman was said to be relieved. Her lawyer, Jack Scarola, added: “She’s very appreciative of the fact she has had a great deal of support from the public.”

Last year, Evert divorced the downhill ski champion Andy Mill, whom she had married in 1988, paying a reputed $7m. They have three adolescent boys.

She had been told to bring letters, gift receipts and other details of her relationship with Norman to a meeting with Mrs Norman’s lawyers, a meeting she will be spared. At her partner’s side, Ms Evert said: “I’m very happy the settlement has come through and we can get on with our lives.”

Girl files for relief under Domestic Violence Act. Blames politicians !

Girl files for relief under Domestic Violence Act


She has the guts to fight not just her conservative-minded parents but to take on RSS activists and Mandrem MLA Laxmikant Parsekar — all who have been deciding what her future should be. Nineteen-year-old Sweta Parsekar of Parsem, Pernem — fighting for her freedom has filed for relief under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday here, an undaunted Shweta even as she was bombarded with volley of questions by press persons — narrated her story on how her parents supported by neighbours and RSS activists have been forcing her to give up her job.

She worked in Mapusa at a shop dealing in mobile phones. Her parents however, started objecting to her job, demanding that she should give up the job, she said.

Determined to continue working, she refused to bow down and things came to such a state she had to bear with assault by family members.

Coming before press today she said, “I want to work — want my freedom and don’t want the course of my life to be dictated by RSS activists.” In a written complaint to Goa State Women Commission, she has given detailed account of her harassment by parents as well how her friends who have tried to help her out were beaten up by people from her neighbournood and saffron elements. They were beaten and given to the police under the pretext that they belong to Believers group.

Currently leaving on her own in Margao (according to her account, she was thrown out by the family) she in no uncertain words told media that RSS followers and even MLA Parsekar who tried to give her lessons on morality, Indian culture and how Indian women should behave, have to pay attention to other pressing issues indeed threatening Indian culture.

“Why haven’t they been able to stop rave parties happening on Goan beaches particularly in Pernem taluka’s coastline? Why can’t they stop drug flow or fight against it,” she asked at a press conference, making it clear that they should keep out of her way and that she knows what is good and what is bad for her. She also fears for her life to go back to her parents.

don’t our police have better work to do ? Why should police be party to a PURE matrimonial dispute ? Mera Bharath …

Blogger’s comments

Why should police get involved in a Matrimonial Dispute ?

For some strange reason, only in India do police interfere into matrimonial issues. such cases are better solved by mediation or conciliation or matrimonial counseling

Dear oh dear….. when will India stop criminalizing matrimonial tiffs

Don’t our police have better work to do ?

============ news item ==============

Man, wife trade charges of domestic violence

Express News Service

Amritsar, June 24: In an unusual case, a man and his wife, married for less than a year, levelled charges of domestic violence against each other, and both have approached the police.

Interestingly, while the wife has charged the husband with beating and harassing her mentally, besides demanding dowry, the husband alleged that he was locked up inside the bathroom for hours, before being rescued by neighbours.

The wife has also alleged that her husband, who was earlier married to a girl from Shimla, had also maltreated his first wife. Kamaljit Kaur, a resident of Batala Road, in a letter to SSP Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh, alleged that she was beaten up and harassed for bringing inadequate dowry and has demanded that a case be registered against her husband and in-laws. She said that she was married to Inderjit Singh, a resident of Chheharta, in August last and her father Sukhman Singh, a bank manager, who is suffering from cancer, had given dowry as per his means.

She, however, said that barely a month after her marriage, she was tortured physically and mentally. Kaur said her in-laws’ family expelled her husband from their property as he did not have a proper job, had no fixed income. “My in-laws demanded a plot and Rs 2 lakh from me and beat me up when I told them that my father could not afford to give them this,” she said, adding that her father and brother bore their expenses after his family expelled her husband, who, however, continued to torture her.

“He used to keep me locked up, starved me and tried to kill me by throwing petrol and acid on me. I saved my life by locking him up in the bathroom and escaped to my parents’ house,” she said.

However, Inderjit Singh termed these allegations as baseless. Accepting that this was his second marriage, he charged Kaur with being married previously and keeping it a secret from him. “I never harmed her, rather she was the one who locked me up in the bathroom from where my neighbours rescued me in an unconscious state and this was even proved true by eyewitnesses and the police,” he claimed.

SSP Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh said he had received the complaint of the girl and an inquiry has been marked to Vijay Nagar Police Station SHO.

Re: Advice Please- vivek ____ – new delhi

Dear Vivek

>My Father died in feb 2006 ,my wife left home and
>she filed FIR in _____ mahila thana in
>__early__2006,she pressurised me to get partioned
>in family share and to get her share in her name
>or otherwise she wont take back her complaint and
>sent everybody to jail.but in defence
>,soon we got arresting stay from high court
>except me main accuced in fir i got arrested and
>jailed for __almost a month__ on __mid__2006 .
>i got realised on _almost_a_month_later_in_2006 .
Its very sad that you got arrested for no fault of yours. …..Subject to my idea of *self help* which is very essential : and standard disclaimers as in

1. Let me assure you, you have crossed the worst

2. The fear of arrest under Dowry laws is the biggest threat men face. Or else the rest of the matter is a pure matrimonial dispute and can be handled as a civil matrimonial dispute…

3. Now that you have already been arrested AND released there isn’t much damage that they can do

4. Your wife and in laws have tried their best AND failed

5. Please let me know if ANY other cases – say for maintenance or Divorce have been filed by either side

6. Also please read general help / guidance here
or alternate URL


7. General Help in similar cases here : …My wife was the sweetest on earth. Suddely she has filed a false case against me ….
or alternate URL

8. Even courts are aware of this malice “..Filing false 498A case amounts to cruelty – Bombay HC..”
altenate URL

9. You are NOT the only one, so stop thinking you are alone : These days I come across 100s if not 1000s of FALSE extortion cases and FALSE dowry cases. The law that was made to protect the woman, seems to be grossly mis-used to extract money from innocent men or to wreck vengeance. Do not think you are the only one affected. There are 10s of 1000s of FALSE cases all over India. Read here for more “..Though the woman who filed the dowry complaint is married to another man, the case goes on after 21 years !!! – UPDATES ….
or alternate URL

10. You are entitled to meeting your son. You will have seek visitation rights thru the courts. Please read here for more. “……abhorrence towards the Father cannot but be the result of brainwashing by the Mother…..
or alternate URL

10. SELF HELP TEAMS AT DELHI and all over India: *It is always preferable to get advise and support over phone or in person [numbers below]*. Everything cannot be UNDERSTOOD over mail. We have started many self help teams in India and aboard. I suggest you contact our Delhi Self Help team. Contact nos can be found at or alternate URL

More after hearing from you


Name: vivek ____
Location[City/State]: new delhi
Hear about us: GoogleSearch
498A Registered: YES
498A Place: merrut (uttar pradesh)
498A Date: __early___2006
Any Other IPCs: 3/4,323,406,504,
Relatives Accused: mother,elder married sister,younger un married sister
Jailed Days: YES
Stage of Case: chargesheet
Spent Money on 498A:
Lived in joint Family: YES
Marriage Date: __late__2001
Wife Age: 25 +
Wife’s Education Level: __post Graduate__
Wife works (earns)?: works
Filed for Divorce: NO
Have children: YES
Living With Wife: NO
Negotiating with Wife: NO
Took her Stridhan Back: NO
She had Any Medical Problems: NO
Willing to Help other Victims: YES


My Father died in feb 2006 ,my wife left home and she filed FIR in _____ mahila thana in __early__2006,she pressurised me to get partioned in family share and to get her share in her name or otherwise she wont take back her complaint and sent everybody to jail.but in defence

,soon we got arresting stay from high court except me main accuced in fir i got arrested and jailed for __almost a month__ on __mid__2006 .

i got realised on _almost_a_month_later_in_2006 .

Now chargesheet has been sent to court by police.also she had filed suit under 125 crpc for maintaineance ,also she never allows me to meet our son who is with her since she left home

regards, vinayak

My post above is Subject to
1. My idea of *self help* which is very essential :
2. Standard disclaimers as in
3. A short preamble :

Struggle TWO DECADES for Justice !!

News : “..Saini, who was married to Darshana Devi in 1985, had alleged that in October 1987 his wife had lodged a criminal case in which he and his family members were handcuffed and made to walk barefoot to the police station in full public view….”

Comments :

 - This Husband was humiliated in 1985 by his wife’s complaint to the police
- It has taken a full TWO decades for him to get justice
- God alone knows if the case would go on further appeal to the Supreme court
- 10s of 1000s of families in India are struggling because of POLICE entering matrimonial matters

- Men of this country..”Unite and protect our homes..”. Only civil laws shall govern matrimonial problems.
- Stop FALSE dowry cases breaking families !
- Stop FALSE dowry cases breaking India !!

The Tribune

Friday, June 15, 2007, Chandigarh, India

HC: Falsely implicating husband act of cruelty

New Delhi, June 14

Registration of criminal cases to falsely implicate the husband and his family members does amount to an act of cruelty by the wife, the Delhi High Court has held.

“The husband and his family members were arrested twice, kept in police lock-up and made to undergo jail terms for offences of which they were ultimately acquitted, cannot but be termed as cruelty,” Justice S. Murlidhar said.

The court made the observations while dismissing an appeal filed by Darshna Devi against the trial court order granting decree of divorce to her husband Anil Kumar Saini on the ground of cruelty as she had filed two criminal cases, including the dowry harassment, against her husband and in-laws.

In February 1998, the trial court had granted divorce to Saini acceding to his plea that he had been treated with cruelty.

Saini, who was married to Darshana Devi in 1985, had alleged that in October 1987 his wife had lodged a criminal case in which he and his family members were handcuffed and made to walk barefoot to the police station in full public view.

He also alleged that in 1989 the wife had registered a dowry harassment case in which he was beaten up at the police station and taken to Tihar Jail.

But later they all were acquitted by the trial court in both the cases due to lack of evidence, he added and insisted that such acts of wife tantamount to cruelty.

To his submissions, the High Court said “although the acquittal in criminal cases by itself can’t establish cruelty, but in the light of circumstances, it does assume significance.” The court rejected the wife’s contention that her father-in-law being a police inspector had manipulated records to protect him saying “the facts seems to indicate otherwise.” “It can be seen that in fact she (wife) managed to get the police on the spot time and again not withstanding the fact that the husband’s father was a police officer,” the court noted. — PTI

NRI with a Widowed mother & Brother. Recipe for 498a ? One more case today !!

The Telegraph
Dowry calls, US to Malda
Thursday, June 14, 2007 |

News report in Black. Comments by the blogger in red :

Malda, June 13: A man doing his PhD in Virginia University has been accused by his wife in Malda of torturing her for dowry and marrying another woman in the US.

Malda police have approached the Centre to bring back Rajeev Prasad, who hails from Singatala in South Dinajpur. He has been booked under Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (cruelty to wife by husband or his relatives) and an arrest warrant has been issued against him.

Comment : oops !! he is JUST accused and he police wish to spoil his career and bring him back ? why ? isn’t this poor chap allowed his say ? why impound his passport and spoil his career and life that he mush have attained after great efforts ?

“We have sent the papers to the appropriate authorities to ensure that Prasad’s passport and visa are cancelled and he is brought back to India to face the charges,” Malda police superintendent Dilip Mondal said.

Comment : Oh ! Papers sent !! ? well…well…. should the India Govt. act with such singular haste in improving our roads, electricity and infrastructure, India would have beaten the west long back ?

Prasad had got a bachelor’s degree in veterinary sciences from Calcutta and did his MSc from the Indian Veterinary Research Institute at Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.

He married Sumita Bhagat (name changed) of Maheshpur in Englishbazar on August 19, 2004. The same year, he left for Virginia University to do a PhD in microbiology.

Sumita’s father, who works in the irrigation department, lodged a complaint with Englishbazar police a year ago, saying his son-in-law had been putting pressure on him to pay a dowry of Rs 10 lakh. The complaint said Prasad made several calls from the US demanding the money.

Sumita’s father also alleged that Prasad was torturing his daughter mentally. Last year, when Prasad came to India, he had reportedly asked Sumita to either pay up or agree to a divorce.

After Sumita’s family got to know about his second marriage in the US, her father sought the help of Congress MP Abu Hasem Khan Chowdhury, who took him to the police superintendent today.

Comment : alleged this …complained that … said this ..said that… Where is F(@&!^g proof ??

Prasad’s widowed mother and brother refused comment.

Spies thrive amid secret affairs, busted marriages

Spies thrive amid secret affairs,

busted marriages

Comment inserted by Blogger:

-        Like many media stereotypes, this report focuses on men caught cheating.

-        Globe detective agency, one of the costliest in India, seems to be getting bulk of the business from women who can afford a whopping fee of Rs. 6,500/- PER DAY !!. Mind you, investigations can run to days or even weeks.

-        Young wives are paying spies, …are paying unscrupulous lawyers, … are filing false 498a et all, to fleece the husband on MAINTENANCE !!

-        Unscrupulous wives are making MONEY out of marriage …!!

-        This new item below says… “…One academic study that looked at 10 years of divorce court papers in Mumbai revealed that more women than men were instigating divorce.…”

 News report :

Failing marriages provide the bulk of the work for the Globe Group’s investigative wing

The successful Indian businessman had a wife, a lover who was an exotic bar dancer—and an awful lot to lose, so he practised exceptionally safe sex. His first precaution was to get on a plane and put nearly 2,000km between his wife at home in Dubai and the hotel in Mumbai where his mistress waited for their regular weekend trysts.

In case anybody was watching, he left his car at one hotel and sneaked out the back exit of the car park before checking in at another hotel nearby.

It did him little good. When he answered his hotel doorbell early one Sunday morning, it was not room service but his angry wife and his parents, who had just arrived on a flight from Dubai to catch him out.

Rahul Rai was not there to see it. He had telephoned Dubai to tip off the wife after his team of “street smart” graduates and ex-detectives tracked the businessman down after a 45-day surveillance operation.

With the job done, they discreetly pulled out to leave the family to it.

For Rai, 30, an undemonstrative MBA graduate based in a suitably unobtrusive small first-floor office in a sprawling and dusty industrial estate in Mumbai, it was another successful outcome from an expanding caseload.

He runs one of India’s many businesses benefiting from the growing wealth of the country’s middle class.

Most of the 50 people who contact him daily are put off by the Rs6,500 per day fee. Yet, he runs up to 20 simultaneous investigations a day across India, up from one or two when he took over the family concern seven years ago.

Failing marriages provide the bulk of the work for the Globe Group’s investigative wing.

His operatives rely largely on surveillance, secret photography and fake phone calls from credit card companies to trace and track the targets of their investigations.

In the past, many Indian women could be relied upon to suffer in silence in an abusive or adulterous relationship.

They are now heading to the divorce courts in growing numbers despite the potential for six or seven years of financially ruinous proceedings.

By Western standards, India’s divorce rate is tiny. The 2001 census suggests that 3.3 million people are divorced or separated—fewer than 1% of married people in a nation of more than one billion.

But the figures hide the story of growing changes in a nation where the vast majority of marriages are arranged.

After marriage, women traditionally move in with their husband’s parents, an arrangement that has long been regarded as a model for family stability, but within which domestic violence has been a constant sore.

A new domestic violence act was introduced last year, designed to protect women from abuse in the home.

Lawyers and campaign groups say the new law is just one of a series of social changes, including a new generation of urban women going out to work, that has fuelled the popularity of divorce.

“Women are getting a better position in the family,” said Aafreen Siddiqui, from campaigning legal group Lawyer’s Collective.

“They are feeling a sense of empowerment and they have a better negotiating power in relationships.”

Sudhir Shah, a leading lawyer in Mumbai with 40 years experience, says about 10% of couples in the major cities were divorcing.

One academic study that looked at 10 years of divorce court papers in Mumbai revealed that more women than men were instigating divorce.

Rahul Rai normally sees the collapse of the marriage before it gets to court but is surprised that two-thirds of his wealthy clients had “love marriages”, still a relative rarity in India where an estimated 95% of marriages are arranged.

“That’s very shocking since they go into love marriages and later they find they are not fit for each other,” he said. “In the olden days, they also used to be unhappy with each other but due to social pressures they carried on. Now they know they can go for divorce.”

It is his job to reveal the evidence of his investigations to the suspicious, fearful and occasionally disbelieving. He has comforted those who have broken down in his office. He even set up an investigation for a man in his 70s who—wrongly, as it turned out—believed his similarly elderly wife was having an affair.

Wife refuses sex. Hubby gets Divorce 10 years later & is slapped 2 Lakhs maintenance … !!!

Sexual aversion a ground for divorce
13 Jun, 2007 l 0119 hrs IST TIMES NEWS NETWORK

NEW DELHI: Holding that sexual incompatibility or denial of sex by either spouse was sufficient ground to seek divorce, Delhi High Court has recently annulled a 13-year-old marriage after both the sides agreed to dissolve the relationship.

Reversing a trial court’s order dismissing Ajay Kumar’s petition for divorce on the ground of cruelty by his wife, Justice S Murlidhar observed: ‘‘The evidence on record shows that the absence of normal sexual relations was definitely one reason for the failure of the marriage. It also cannot be denied that the husband underwent mental agony as a result thereof.’’

‘‘Further the separation of the couple since 1996 has rendered remote the possibility of the parties resuming a normal married life,’’ the judge noted as he acquiesced to the couple’s wish.

But HC further asked Kumar to pay Rs 2 lakh to his wife as permanent alimony within two months and directed the registry to draw up a decree of divorce by August 20 this year.

Challenging the trial court’s order of February 1997 where his plea for divorce was dismissed, Kumar had filed a petition in the HC alleging that his marriage was not properly consummated as his wife had never offered herself for complete sexual intimacy with him since they got married in June 1994.

Kumar also alleged that his wife used to be violent in bed and that her behaviour never improved despite medical treatment.

He accused his in-laws of threatening him with dire consequences when he had tried to bring the issue to their notice. His wife was taken away by them to their house in 1996, he said.

RAW runs for cover !! How a messy divorce, exposed a SPY !!

Clincher !! : ..Had it not been his cantankerous wife, Dewanchand Malik, a spy, might still have been taking the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) for a ride According to Intelligence sources, they realised that Malik faked his citizenship only after his wife alerted them. “She wrote to us,” confirmed an officer….….Malik had once managed to get a stay from High Court on the divorce proceedings much after May 2005… in spite of the RAW of India trying to nab him !!

Further : I don’t think Malik ever paid maintenance !! ?? did he ?? what about 498a or DV ? oopss..
RAW runs for cover

Josy Joseph Wednesday, June 13, 2007  09:54 IST

NEW DELHI: Had it not been his cantankerous wife, Dewanchand Malik, a spy, might still have been taking the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) for a ride.

Frustrated by a messy divorce and her husband’s failure to turn up on a couple of dates at the court, Malik’s wife shot off a letter to the agency’s Aviation Research Centre agency in 2005 stating that Malik was a Bangladeshi national.

This not only exposed the case of a foreigner sneaking into a senior intelligence job, but also the threat he poses considering his knowledge of the country’s vital scientific system.

Malik had managed to join the Aviation Research Centre of India’s external intelligence by forging documents and claiming to be an Indian citizen.According to Intelligence sources, they realised that Malik faked his citizenship only after his wife alerted them. “She wrote to us,” confirmed an officer.

An intelligence official told DNA that Malik probably had an illicit affair that prompted his wife to move court.

According to sources, Malik had gone on leave immediately after his wife moved the courts for divorce in early 2005. But he disappeared as soon as his wife’s letter forced RAW into launching a hunt for him sometime in April-May.

Over the past couple of years, the Intelligence Bureau and RAW have been hunting for Malik at all possible locations. “A few months back, we almost nabbed him at his 24-Parganas district residence, but he got wind of us in the last moment,” IB sources said.

At every date of his divorce case, Raw officials land up at the court, waiting to nab him. “He hasn’t turned up at the court ever since May 2005,” sources said. However, Malik had once managed to get a stay from High Court on the divorce proceedings much after May 2005.

The RAW carried out extensive investigation on Malik in Bangladesh and collected conclusive evidence of his citizenship.

“His father is no more, but the rest of his kin are in Bangladesh,” sources added. Malik, however, had spent several years in West Bengal and had studied mostly in Kolkata.

According to RAW sources, the government has never taken up Malik’s case with the Bangladesh government officially.

My wife has filed a false 498a. I live abroad. I request help

Dear Brother

Sad to hear your story

Subject to
a. My idea of *self help* which is very essential :
b. Standard disclaimers as in

may I suggest

>>>>>>>>>> you said >>>>>>>>>>
>a. This is my Second Marriage
>b. 1st marriage in __another country__was
>annulled by affidavit. Wife knows that but yet
>has said in FIR that I am still married and has
>lodged complaint of cheating and bigamy.

1.  I suppose both you and your wife are Indian Citizens (this question is to understand the divorce / civil case validity)

>>>>>>>>>> you said >>>>>>>>>>
>If I file for divorce from __my_city_abroad
>while 498A FIR has been filed will that mean
>that divorce case will not be entertained by
>both countries till 498A is cleared.

2. DO NOT file for DIVORCE, especially when a 498a case is on
Read here on why
or alternate URL

3. Its very good that your parents have obtained anticipatory bail. It is their birthright to be free from such false cases.

4. Now that they have anticipatory bail, the opposite party would be in a great pressure, as she cannot do MUCH damage to you

5. Please provide some more update on the status of the false 498a case.
- Has a charge sheet been filed.
- What does the charge sheet say ?
- have the police done a good inquiry ?
- how through was the job ?
- what do the police say ?
- Have hearings started ?
- Have you appointed a lawyer ? what is his opinion ?

6. JURISDICTION IS VERY IMPORTANT IN 498a. What are the cruelties alleged and where are these supposed to have happened AS PER THE FIR ??

7. for more on jurisdiction please read
or alternate URL

8. For general tips and tricks please read
or alternate URL

9. DO NOT PAY away in a hurry. Most un scrupulous women come back and demand more. See here for more or alternate URL

10. Since your wife is working the issue of maintenance should NOT arise. However, please read question No. 21 onwards here or alternate URL

11. Since you are abroad, have you intimated your local authorities, police about the false case ? Many countries are NOW aware of the misuse of 498a. Misuse of the process of law has to be high lightened

12. Save Indian family have help groups all over the world. It may be worthwhile to network with them too. Contact nos at :

I have numbered the questions and replies to help us continue to correspond

More after hearing from you

regards, vinayak

My post above is Subject to
1. My idea of *self help* which is very essential :
2. Standard disclaimers as in
3. A short preamble :

>>>>>>>>harassed husband’s queries >>>>>>>>>

—– Original Message —-
From: “Mr. K” <Mr. K>
Subject: Advice Please – Mr. K – _____ NRI

Name: Mr. K
Email: Mr. K
Victim Location : ___ NRI
Hear about us: Blogs
498A Registered: YES
Any Other IPCs: 406
Relatives Accused: Parents
Jailed Days: NO
Stage of Case: 498a
Marriage Date: ___ Mid / 2006
Wife’s Education Level: ___ Prof. qualified ___
Wife works (earns)?: works
Filed for Divorce: NO
Took her Stridhan Back: YES
She had Any Medical Problems: YES_physical
Willing to Help other Victims: YES

Comments from the Husband :

a. This is my Second Marriage

b. 1st marriage in __another country__was annulled by affidavit. Wife knows that but yet has said in FIR that I am still married and has lodged complaint of cheating and bigamy.

c. This Marriage:  ___ Mid__/06

d. Wife came to stay in __my_city_abroad: __one month after_marriage_/06

e. Left __my_city_abroad for father’s illness: __early__2007

f. Started unreasonable monetary demands: a month after leaving _my_city_abroad_

g. Grudges with my family.

h. Had objections even to marriage counselor.

i. Entered my parents house and threatened police action – _Early 2007

j. Abusive to my parents, threatening, spreading false information amongst our neighbors

k. I sent letter through solicitor here

l. She came to __my_city_abroad on __mid_2007 but came to see me only a_week_later_ with another male friend at whose house she stayed in __my_city_abroad. She collected her belongings and left next day

m. Wife Returned and then _one_more_week_later tried to re-enter parents house. When told to get out….filed FIR under 498a, 406 etc against my parents and myself.

n. Wife Has a journalist friend and he spread false info to newspapers

o. Thankfully my parents have got anticipatory bail. I do not have bail.

p. I intend to file divorce.

My question:

q. If I file for divorce from __my_city_abroad while 498A FIR has been filed will that mean that divorce case will not be entertained by both countries till 498A is cleared. Is it not possible to quash 498A on the basis of the evidence already presented in the anticipatory bail case? Can 498A be quashed even before charge sheet?

r. Will it be better to file for divorce from __my_city_abroad or INdia?

Please help


How can i know my passport status ?

Subject to
1. My idea of *self help* which is very essential :
2. Standard disclaimers as in
3. A short preamble :

>>>>>>> question >>>>>>>>>>>

________ wrote:

Hi All,

I came to know that my wife who is from ( __wife’s city__) has written letter to police commissioner of (____ my city )to invalidate my passport citing the FIR that she had lodged in ( __wife’s city__).

She mentioned stories of my torture and her fear that i may run away from the country.

I haven’t received any notice about my passport from (____my city) police, though in the letter she has mentioned my residence as well as office address.

Is it possible for them to invalidate my passport without my knowledge ?

How can i know what is the status of my passport.



>>>>>>>>>> reply >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Re: how can i know my passport status
Posted by: “myidbnt”


give the police an application saying that your wife has threatened that she will make some false charges to trouble you at your work and also try to revoke your passport and that you arevery scared and want police protection. also say that wife may make false charges so please cross-question her before taking any action. Mention that you are willing to fully co-operate with any investigation and not going to run away untill you prove yourself innocent. Ask the police to invoke IPC 182 against your wife in case any of her allegations are found false since you are afraid that your wife is going to mis-use well intentioned laws to harass you.

That would make police at least do proper investigation. Rest depends on what charges she has made. If you alaready have some proof that her charges are false, submit one or two good once along with this application. Copy to DCP and your area police station and courier one to her police station also for good measure.

This way you can make the police neutral, they will generally not do any BS knowing that you also understand some law and that if they do some BS then the tables can be turned on them as well. so they will then try to be neutral as far as possible.

If you use this trick and find it useful, recommend to other and thank Jogeshwarji for this trick.

regards, vinayakMy post above is Subject to
1. My idea of *self help* which is very essential :
2. Standard disclaimers as in
3. A short preamble :

General Suggestions for victims of DV act

Subject to
1. My idea of *self help* which is very essential :
2. Standard disclaimers as in
3. A short preamble :

General Suggestions for victims of DV act


1. Many unscrupulous women who have filed FALSE cases under the Dowry Act and IPC 498a and haven’t gained much out of these FALSE cases have now resorted to filing further false cases under the DV act

2. In practice, The DV act is as draconian or worse than IPC 498a, vis a vis husbands and their families. The DV act is more draconian with respect to grant of maintenance and accommodation to wife. Since money is a prime motivator of false cases, DV act is being misused for monetary gains.

3. For some strange reason the DV act considers ONLY WIVES as oppressed and ONLY THE HUSBAND as oppressor. Cases can be filed by women and husbands cannot filed cases under the DV act

What to do – INTERIM ?

4. Date of Notification of DV act. The DV Act was notified on Thursday, October 26th 2006 – Diwali for men !!

5. The media reports on notification of DV act are blogged at below URL for convenience

6. In case your wife did NOT live with you BEFORE the notification of the DV act, i.e. on or before Thursday, October 26th 2006, you should appear at the court on the appointed date (date of hearing under DV act) and state that your wife did NOT stay with you since notification of DV act and so DV act is NOT applicable to your matrimonial relationship

8. In many cases the Judge would NOT be satisfied with this argument.

8. If the Judge is NOT satisfied, or IF your marriage persisted AFTER the notification of DV act, i.e. Thursday, October 26th 2006, seek an inquiry under the DV act by a protection officer who is to be appointed UNDER the DV act.

9. The State Govt. is responsible for appointment of protection officers under the DV act. Most states have NOT even appointed protection officers.

10. If NO protection officer has been notified for your area, approach the HC and seek a stay.

11. If a protection officer HAS BEEN notified for your area, by the State governement, seek an inquiry by the protection officer.

12. Decisions of the protection officer or the lower courts ARE POSITIVELY APPEALABLE even though they might be ordered under the DV act

13. Money, money, money…must be funny…in the rich man’s world…. Most women filing FALSE cases under the DV act are looking for money. They will try to claim rights over their husband’s property. The supreme court has found fault with the concept of shared household under DV act.

14. Please read the following blogs in Supreme Court’s directives and utilize the decision to the fullest extent

15. DV act is still un chartered territory.

16. The more husbands fight and win cases, the more your are making a path and name for yourself.

17. Every case you win WILL BECOME a judicial PRECEDENT and would be quoted by 1000s of future victims

18. This is the moment. Do NOT despair. Fight back and victory is certain.

Note : I welcome members comments to these suggestions

For the record : Date of Notification of DV Act.

Date of Notification of DV Act.

From media sources

Thursday, Oct 26, 2006
Domestic Violence Act takes effect today

Special Correspondent

It also covers harassment of a woman by way of dowry demands

NEW DELHI: The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2006 comes into effect from Thursday, according to a notification issued by the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Primarily meant to provide protection to the wife or a female live-in partner from violence at the hands of the husband or the male live-in partner or his relatives, the law also extends its protection to mother, sisters and widows.

The Act covers abuse or threat of abuse, whether physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or economic. Harassment by way of unlawful dowry demands to a woman or her relatives also come under this definition.

The Ministry simultaneously issued another notification, which lays down the rules for the implementation of the Act.

They provide for, among other things, appointment of protection officers, service providers and counsellors.

Action to be taken in the event of a respondent breaching the protection order passed by a magistrate in favour of the aggrieved woman is also prescribed under the rules.

The Act seeks to cover those women who are or have been in a relationship with the abuser, where both parties have lived together in a shared household and are related by consanguinity, marriage or a relationship in the nature of marriage, or adoption, in addition relationship with family members living together as a joint family.

An important feature is a woman’s right to secure housing. It provides for her right to reside in the matrimonial or shared household, whether or not she has any title or rights in the household.

This right is secured by a residence order, which is passed by a court.

The other relief envisaged is that of the power of the court to pass protection orders that prevent the abuser from aiding or committing an act or domestic violence or any other specified act, entering a workplace or any other place frequented by the abused, attempting to communicate with the abused, isolating any assets used by both the parties and causing violence to the abused, her relatives and others who provide her assistance from domestic violence.


Printed from

From today, law to shield women
26 Oct, 2006 l 0223 hrs ISTlTIMES NEWS NETWORK


NEW DELHI: A legislation that gives women, married or in live-in relationships, far reaching legal protection against abuse or “threat of abuse” comes into effect from Thursday.

The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, cleared by the President on September 13 last year, will finally be enforced.

The Act had attracted some criticism for being open to “manipulation” as it provides for wide-ranging powers to women.

But the law is primarily meant to provide protection to the wife or female live-in partner from violence at the hands of the husband or male partner or his relatives.

The ambit of the legislation has been widened to include persons who have “shared household and are related by consanguinity, marriage or a relationship in the nature of marriage, or adoption in addition to relationship with family members… Even those women who are sisters, widows, mothers, single women or living with the abuser are entitled to get legal protection”.

Domestic violence under the Act includes actual abuse or the threat of abuse whether physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or economic, said a statement from the ministry of women and child development (WCD), which issued a notification on Wednesday to bring the act into force.

This also includes harassment by way of unlawful dowry demands to the woman or her relatives. WCD minister Renuka Chowdhury said, “The act will go a long way to provide relief to women from domestic violence and to get their due.”


The ministry has simultaneously issued another notification laying down the rules framed for implementation of the act which will provide for, among other things, appointment of protection officers, service providers and counsellors.

Besides physical violence of beating, slapping, hitting, kicking and pushing, the act also covers sexual violence like forced intercourse, forcing a wife or mate to look at pornography or any other obscene pictures or material and child sexual abuse.

It also includes verbal and emotional violence such as name-calling and insults. Preventing one’s wife from taking up a job or forcing her to leave a job are also under the purview of the act.

One of the most important features of the act is the woman’s right to secure housing, the statement said, adding that it provides a right to reside in the matrimonial and shared household, whether or not she has any title in the household.

The act provides for breach of protection order or interim protection order by the respondent as a cognisable and non-bailable offence punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine which may extend to Rs 20,000 or both.

The other relief envisaged is that of the power of the court to pass protection orders that prevent the abuser from aiding or committing an act of domestic violence or any other specified act, entering a workplace or any other place frequented by the abused, attempting to communicate with the abused and isolating any assets used by both the parties.


International Herald Tribune

Tough new law protecting Indian women against domestic violence takes effect
The Associated Press
Published: October 26, 2006


Men who beat, threaten or yell at their wives or live-in girlfriends could be jailed and fined under India’s first law specifically targeting the often-tolerated problem of domestic violence.

The new law, which took effect Thursday, also applies to men or their families who harass wives for larger dowries, the government said.

The measure aims to prevent cases in which a husband or his family kills a wife because her family did not give a big enough dowry.

The Domestic Violence Act defines abuse broadly, including verbal, physical, sexual, emotional and economic mistreatment. Violators face up to a year in prison, a fine of 20,000 rupees (US$435; €360), or both.

“We have been trying for long to protect women from domestic violence. In India, around 70 percent of women are victims of these violent acts in one or another form,” said Renuka Choudhury, the junior minister for women and child development.

Attitudes toward women, especially among educated urbanites, have changed considerably in the past few decades. But much of the country remains conservative, and many look the other way when husbands abuse wives.

The framers of the new law made provisions for abused women to complain directly to judges instead of police, who often side with men and rarely act on abuse complaints by women.

Now, when a woman files a complaint the onus is on the man to prove that he did not abuse his wife. The law also ensures the woman’s right to stay in the family home.

Women’s rights activists and civic groups welcomed the new law.

“It’s a victory for the women’s movement in this country which has been fighting for years for laws that protect the basic rights of women,” said Ranjana Kumari of the New Delhi-based Center for Social Research.

However, she said the law needs to be backed by adequate implementation funds to allow federal and state governments to pay for protection officers and provide legal aid and counseling.

“While this is a giant step forward, it will only be meaningful if government sets aside funds to provide shelter and protection to a woman against further abuse if she files a complaint,” Kumari said.

Describing the legislation as a “tool in the hands of millions of women in India,” she said women’s rights groups would soon launch a campaign to educate women about the law.

A U.N. Population Fund report said up to 70 percent of married women aged 15-49 in India are victims of beating or coerced sex.

the “domestic violence” Industry may soon become global

Baroness Cathy Ashton, the British Law Minister: “…in UK 25 per cent of all reported serious crime is around domestic violence …”!!!

the “domestic violence” Industry may

soon become global

>>>> From Tthe Hindu – Business Line >>>>
Laws of opportunity

Rasheeda Bhagat

Britain’s Law Minister makes a strong case for Indo-UK tie-ups for legal services.

She was in India last week mainly to talk to advocates and the judiciary about the opportunities that British law firms can offer India, if allowed to open shop here. “In a global economy India is poised in the next few years to become an even more important economic force, and we share the same language, the same legal system,” says Baroness Cathy Ashton, the British Law Minister whose ministerial responsibilities include administrative justice, human rights, international legal trade and information rights.

While there are nine Indian legal firms operating in the UK, British firms are not yet allowed to operate in India. She sees synergy between the two nations that can help their legal professionals to “compete against the rest of the world for international contracts. Our legal firms will bring back to India contracts and commercial activities that are currently going on in London that should be going on here.”

She says such a legal partnership would provide job opportunities for Indian advocates, and makes it clear that “we don’t want to practise in your courts”. A champion of both gender and human rights, the Baroness was impressed with the women she met in the legal profession and law schools. “They were highly skilled and incredible; in the mock trials the students presented the women stood out; my goodness, I’d hire them any time to represent me!”

Forced marriages

A passionate advocate against forced marriages, the Baroness is engaged in pushing through legislation in the House of Lords to make forced marriages that much more difficult. She tries to convince people of all faiths and communities that this issue is related to women’s empowerment and fundamental human rights, and says such dialogues have resulted in more people seeking help and support through phone calls. While forced marriages are mainly found in Asian communities, “we hear that there are examples in the Romany or gypsy community too, as also from Somalia and other countries. But I suspect that much of this is hidden. I explain all the time that we’re not talking about arranged marriages; this is about the girls — there are some boys too — having no choice.”

The Minister says domestic violence in Britain is causing concern; 25 per cent of all reported serious crime is around domestic violence. “But the good news is that the rates are falling”. Apart from working with the victims to assure them that they are not alone, specialist domestic violence courts have been set up in the UK. “So the perpetrators are under no illusion when they walk into that court; the folder says `DV’ in big letters, so they can’t pretend it’s something else.”

In the UK each week a woman dies due to domestic violence, but the campaign against it is getting results. “It has become more unacceptable and victims are not prepared to put up with it and the community is beginning to get involved too. We have a big part of the family law devoted to domestic violence… and it’s not just about physical brutality, but also psychological damage, coercion, and so on. But we have to do more,” she says.

On human rights and the much greater trauma of women in conflict zones or during crackdown on suspected terrorists, the Baroness says that while it is one of the greatest tragedies that women and children suffer much more in such cases, “we have to remember that women also are critical peacemakers and sometimes we forget the value of involving women.”

She gives the example of Northern Ireland, “an area of great conflict, where the women first began, in their own local communities, to deal with the issues and problems and came together in a coalition. So the hope for women is that they are allowed to participate in finding solutions for conflict.”

[...........more at above URL....]

If Ashthma is connected to DV, what about the suicides of men ?

If Ashthma is connected to DV, what about the

suicides of men ?

Comments : Every year more men commit suicide that women. Yes, that is a fact and NOT some typo !!. Every year more men commit suicide. We believe a lot of that is linked to Harassment at home, a harassment that men suffer in silence

Now, Lo and behold !, askthma is connected to DV….. What next ??

>>>>>>>>>>> news from TOI >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Domestic violence raises risk of asthma: Study
11 May, 2007 l 0439 hrs ISTlKounteya Sinha/TIMES NEWS NETWORK

NEW DELHI: In a first of its kind study that links domestic violence with the rising cases of asthma in India, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health have found that women who are victims of domestic violence have a 37% increased risk of suffering from the common respiratory condition.

On the other hand, women who had not experienced domestic violence themselves but had witnessed such acts against other female members in the same household were at an increased risk of developing asthma by 21% in comparison to women who lived in violence-free environments.

Similarly, children aged between 0-4 years living with women who experienced domestic violence were found to be 30% more at risk of suffering from asthma.

The research team, led by S V Subramanian, assistant professor in the department of society, human development and health at HSPH, analysed data from 92,000 Indian households where domestic violence was rampant.

Each respondent was interviewed in one of 18 Indian languages. Respondents were asked if anyone in the household suffered from asthma, and were also asked about a personal history of experiencing or witnessing domestic violence.

Explaining the strong relationship between violence and asthma, Subramanian said exposure to violence affected the immune system and caused inflammation, which led to asthma. In addition, those exposed to violence adopt certain coping behaviours that predisposed them to asthma, such as cigarette smoking.

Speaking exclusively to TOI, Subramanian, who is an alumni of Kirorimal College and Delhi School of Economics, said, “Domestic violence is an extreme form of stress that affects psychologically, emotionally and physically. Till now, most research around asthma has been on its environmental risk factors like smoking and indoor air pollution. That’s why I looked at the social causes. The study found a consistent association between being exposed to, and having experienced, domestic violence and asthma prevalence. We expose another terrible health risk of domestic violence.”

According to WHO, India is home to 15-20 million asthmatics while spousal violence is rampant in India. The latest National Family Health Survey-III, carried out in 29 states during 2005-06, has found that 37% women reported being physically or sexually abused by their husbands at some time in their lives.

According to Subramanian, the survey has under-reported the menace of spousal violence and believes it to be between 50-70%.
Source URL

.. a close alleged that she was acting under influence of her brothers who had an eye on money…

Friends :

There are 100s and 1000s of false dowry cases filed year after year. Even Supreme court of India has spoken against the misuse of dowry law.  Not just the husband, even elderly parents, sisters and other relatives are unfortunately arrested and humiliated.

News of arrest is splashed all across the net WITH little or NO REBUTTALS from the accused. Headlines and sub titles are added to further make men look like animals

Mind you, ALL THIS IS BEFORE TRIAL and any court has given a verdict. If this isn’t defamation ? if this isn’t trial by media, what else is ?

General suggestion to men who are harassed : The moment you suspect a false 498A case, one has to approach the court for bail …

I do NOT know if the case below is true or not, but I can see a matrimonial matter has been converted into a CRIMINAL case and dirty linen is washed in public

>>>> from The Hindu >>>>>>

Doctor held on dowry charge
`Conspiring to eliminate his wife’

NEW DELHI: A doctor posted at Safdarjung Hospital here has been arrested along with his father and elder brother on charges of demanding dowry and subjecting his wife to cruelty and criminal intimidation.

According to the police, 30-year-old Malti, a teacher with Government Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, has accused her husband Jwala Prasad and four other members of his family, including the doctor’s mother and sister, of subjecting her to mental and physical harassment and even conspiring to eliminate her. Besides the doctor, his father Phool Singh, a retired school headmaster, and brother Inderpal have been arrested and sent to judicial custody.

“The complainant has accused her mother-in-law and sister-in-law of abusing her and beating her up. Since the accusations against the two are not serious enough, they have not been arrested so far,” said a police officer.

Malti married Dr. Prasad on April 30, 2005. According to her, the two never got along well and their relations soured after her husband got admission to a post-graduate course.

“My husband and in-laws always taunted me for not bringing enough dowry. My status in the house was gradually reduced to that of a maid. My in-laws even tried to force me to go for a divorce. But I bore all this in the hope that my husband would mend his ways one day,” alleged Malti.

Malti told the police that her in-laws had even hatched a conspiracy to eliminate her and made her write suicide notes on two occasions.

“They again made an attempt on my life on Wednesday night and I finally decided to report the matter to the police,” said Malti.

However, a close relative of the doctor, Banarasi Das, alleged that she was acting under the influence of her brothers who had an eye on her money.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< More from Zee News Site !! <<<<<<<<<<<

Safdarjung doctor beats up wife for dowry, arrested

New Delhi, June 07: A senior doctor of Safdarjung Hospital was today arrested in northeast Delhi on charges of assaulting and harassing his wife for dowry.

Jwala Prasad, an ENT specialist, was arrested in New Usmaanpur on the basis of a complaint filed by his wife Malti, police said. The two had been married for the last two years.

In the complaint, Malti has accused Prasad of beating and harassing her after her family failed to meet his demand for a new car, police added.

Prasad`s father and brother have been also been arrested after they were named in the complaint by the woman, who is a housewife.

They have been booked under Section 498 a (punishment to husband or relative of a husband of a woman for subjecting her to cruelty) of the IPC.

Police said the woman had bruises on her body because of the beating.

Bureau Report

source URL :


regards, vinayakMy post above is Subject to
1. My idea of *self help* which is very essential :
2. Standard disclaimers as in
3. A short preamble :

I have already settled the money, but my wife has filed 498A asking for more !!


These days I come across 100s if not 1000s of FALSE extortion cases and FALSE dowry cases. Courts have condemned this. The law that was made to protect the woman, seems to be grossly mis-used to extract money from innocent men or to wreck vengeance.

I’m saddened to hear your story.

Do not think you are the only one affected. There are 10s of 1000s of FALSE cases all over India. …..Subject to my idea of *self help* which is very essential : and standard disclaimers as in … may I suggest

>Cry from the Harassed Hubby
>i did not Ask any money in whole of our
>staying with her
>now she is saying i had physically and
>mentally harassed her for ____ some
>lakhs/- she is _____ (professionally qualified).
>I HAD GIVEN a property / assets of rs ______
>(some lakhs) for settleing matter and wanted to
>stay with her…..but after i had purchased
>flat she lodge false dowry case on me and other
>__ family members,

1. On whose name is this flat / property / asset is purchased ?

2. Who has paid for the flat / property / asset ? if it is you do you have proof of payment for the flat / property / assets ?

3. Was there any written agreement or proof that she would leave you once the flat / property / asset is purchased on her name ?

4. DO NOT WORRY if you do NOT have proof. I am only looking at the hard evidence or other circumstantial evidence that she might have or you might have to prove that the flat / property / asset was indeed purchased by you and that it was purchased a settlement

4.1. In many cases such proofs do NOT exist. However as long as maintenance issues are decreed the court have latitude to look at the content and NOT just the form

5. Have any OTHER cases [OTHER THAN the 498a case] been filed so far ?

If already NO cases are already filed, DO NOT FILE FOR DIVORCE and here is why ?
or alternate URL

6. Hope you already have anticipatory bail for all family members who are accused. If NOT apply for an anticipatory bail. That is your birth right. Read here for more or alternate URL

7. A 498A case is a criminal case. You wife will at best try to threaten you. She cannot legally ask for money at the end of a 498A case. All she try is to prove that you threatened or harassed her

7.1. However please note that the conviction rate is VERY VERY LOW in 498A cases. ONLY approx 2% of the 498A cases end in conviction and that too in case where the wife has died. In your case I understand the wife is alive and seeking more money !!

7.2. In cases where the wife is alive, there is VERY VERY low conviction u/s 498a of IPC and so you have a great chance of being proven innocent – IF YOU are REALLY innocent

7.3. If your wife has to seek maintenance she has to file a separate civil or criminal case. You will have a chance to fight legally

GENERALLY …. : ITS LOTS CHEAPER TO FIGHT BACK than just give up and pay these un scrupulous women

The will to fight back is very very important

>… she is asking for
>maintenance rs. __,000/-pm i m totally ruined
>by her ……pl save and help me…..

8. Maintenance related issues

………. as long as you have NOT gone ahead and file a divorce case !!….

8.1. Your wife will have to prove that you had harassed here, treated her badly ….. and SHE HAS TO live separately. Otherwise she is NOT entitled to maintenance [as long as you have NOT gone ahead and file a divorce case !!]

8.2. Your wife will also have to prove your salary etc etc and that she is completely in capable of earning before she gets ANY SUBSTANTIAL maintenance

read questions below and especially question No. 21 onwards to understand and discuss maintenance issues. New victim questions :
or alternate URL


*It is always preferable to get advise and support over phone or in person [numbers below]*. Everything cannot be UNDERSTOOD over mail. We have started many self help teams in India and aboard.

*I suggest that you call the nearest self help group*

I am also copying this mail to some of our dedicated volunteers

All India Helpline Number: 91-92434 73794 (24 Hours)
alternate Nos : 91-9810611534 or 91-80-65334135

Volunteer Helpline Numbers (limited contact hours)
Also at :

Delhi: 9911119113, 9810611534, 9891369616 (Rajeev)

Kanpur (and U.P.): 09335014984 (Aanand), 09935239764 (Lt.Col.(Retd.) C.S.Khandelwal)

Mr. Vineet Ruia – 033-25347398 , 033-25217318 – 8:30 to 10 PM ONLY
Mr. Kamlesh K Dwivedi – 9231835462
Mr. D.S.Rao – 9830151555
Mr. Suman Chatterjee – 9830927619

*Asha Kiran*, 1252/6, P.M. Lakshmia Layout,
Magdi Cord Road Layout , 1 st Main, Vijay Nagar.
Bangalore 560 040.
Helpline: 91-80-65334135
Mobile : 9845986250

Mumbai: 9869323538 (Guptaji) / (helpline) 9224335577
Ahmedabad: 9898989884
Gujrat: 09825365816

Hyderabad :
Prasad : (9848280354) (Miyapur, Hyderabad)
Prakash: (9948504037) (BHEL, Hyderabad)
Pavan Kumar: (9985858729) (Hyderabad)
Dr. Sreedhar: (9908578457) (Secunderabad)

Jaipur: 09352562456
Nasik: 9371988132

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—– Original Message —-

>Cry from the Harassed Hubby
>i did not Ask any money in whole of our
>staying with her
>now she is saying i had physically and
>mentally harassed her for ____ some
>she is _____ (professionally qualified).
>I HAD GIVEN a property / assets of rs ______
>(some lakhs) for settleing matter and wanted to
>stay with her…..but after i had purchased
>flat she lodge false dowry case on me and other
>__ family members,… she is asking for
>maintenance rs. __,000/-pm i m totally ruined
>by her ……pl save and help me…..

Manoj Prabhakar’s wife arrested for assaulting neighbour

Manoj Prabhakar’s wife arrested for

assaulting neighbour

New Delhi, June 2: Sandhya Prabhakar, wife of former test cricketer Manoj Prabhakar, has been arrested by the police following a ‘violent spat’ with her neighbour in Kalkaji area of South Delhi.

Fight between Sandhya and her neighbour Colonel S S Chibber began late last evening at her Nehru Enclave apartment in Kalkaji, when she tried to ‘replug’ the wire in the retired Army officer’s meter, said a senior police official.

Chibber, who accused Sandhya of tampering his meter by ‘plugging’ her wire into his connection, and his wife were attacked by the cricketer’s wife and her friend Madhuri (26, resident of Jangpura) late last night after she once again tried to ‘steal’ power.

After being reprimanded for her ‘act’, she assaulted the colonel and his wife with a sharp object, probably a blade.

”Both Sandhya and Madhuri were arrested after the Colonel complained of being attacked by the two which resulted in cut injuries,” the official added.

They were produced in a court today which granted them bail.

Cricketer Manoj Prabhakar and his wife Sandhya are living separately. Divorce proceedings are on between the two.


=========== end of news ==========

comments : It is important to note that the same woman had filed DOWRY COMPLAINT against Manoj Prabhakar after more than a DECADE of marriage !!!!

Now the woman is arrested in a criminal case

why should the law provide special protection for such people ?

Just because she is born a woman ?

regards, vinayak

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SC finds fault with Domestic Violence Act

Hindustan Times

SC finds fault with Domestic Violence Act

New Delhi, December 19, 2006
First Published: 00:00 IST(23/2/2007)

In its first ever judgment under the recently notified Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, the Supreme Court has ruled that a wife’s claim for alternative accommodation lie only against her husband and not against in-laws and that her right to ‘shared household’ would not extend to the self-acquired property of her in-laws.

“In our opinion, the claim for alternative accommodation can only be made against the husband…,” a Bench of Justice SB Sinha and Justice Markandey Katju said dismissing the claim of a Delhi woman who had claimed her right for alternative accommodation under Section 19(1)(f) of the Act.

The Bench also interpreted the concept of ‘shared household’ under Section 17(1) of the Act. It clarified “the wife is only entitled to claim a right of residence in a shared household, and a ‘shared household’ would mean the house belonging to or taken on rent by the husband or the house which belongs to the joint family of which the husband is a member.”

The court also commented on poor drafting of Section 2(s) of the Act, which defines ‘shared household’. Terming the definition of ‘shared household’ in Section 2(s) of the Act as “not very happily worded”, the Bench said it “appears to be the result of clumsy drafting, but we have to give it an interpretation which is sensible and does not lead to chaos in society,” it observed.

The court allowed an appeal filed by the father-in-law and mother-in-law of a woman, living in the property owned by the mother-in-law, who had claimed right to residence in a shared household and also that of an alternative accommodation under the new law notified on October 26, 2006.

Under Section 17(1) of the Act, every woman in a domestic relationship shall have the right to reside in the shared household, whether or not she has any right, title or beneficial interest in the same.

Further, Section 19(1)(f) of the Act provides that a woman can seek a direction to her husband to secure same level of alternate accommodation for herself as enjoyed by her in the shared household or to pay rent for the same, if the circumstances so require.

The apex court’s ruling makes it amply clear that shared household would mean only the house belonging to the husband or taken on rent by him or the house belonging to the joint family of which he is a member. It further clarified that the wife’s claim for alternative accommodation can be made only against the husband.

Sandhya Batra was married to one Anand Batra (both names changed) on April 14, 2000 and the couple was residing at a house owned by the husband’s mother at Ashok Vihar, Phase-I, Delhi.

After Anand filed a divorce petition, Sandhya lodged dowry demand cases against her husband and in-laws including married sister-in-law and they had to visit Tihar Jail.

Initially she shifted to her parents’ residence due to the dispute but when she returned to her in-laws’ place, the house was locked. She filed a suit for getting entry to the house.

However, it was alleged that even before the suit could be decided, she, along with her parents, forcibly broke open the locks of the house at Ashok Vihar belonging to her mother-in-law. It was further alleged by her in-laws that they had to stay in their office as she terrorised them and that they finally shifted to Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad.

The trial judge granted her temporary injunction on March four 2003 and restrained her in-laws from interfering with her possession. However, the order was reversed on September 17, 2004 by the Senior Civil Judge, who held that she had no right to the properties other than those of her husband.

The Delhi High Court restored the order of the trial judge holding that “mere change of the residence by the husband would not shift the matrimonial hone from Ashok Vihar, particularly when the husband had filed a divorce petition against the wife.”

Her in-laws challenged the HC order before the SC where her counsel contended that in view of the coming into effect of the Act, she could not be dispossessed from the property in question.

Her counsel further contended that the definition of ‘shared household’ “includes a household where the person aggrieved lives or at any stage had lived in a domestic relationship”.

But the apex court rejected the argument, saying if it was accepted then “it will mean that wherever the husband and wife lived together in the past that property becomes a hared household.

“It is quite possible that the husband and wife may have lived together in dozens of places e.g. with the husband’s father, husband’s paternal grand parents, his maternal parents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces etc.

“If the interpretation canvassed by the respondent is accepted, all these houses of the husband’s relatives will be shared households and the wife can well insist on living in all these houses of her husband’s relatives merely because she had stayed with her husband for some time in those houses in the past. Such a view would lead to chaos and would be absurd,” it said.

Allowing her in-laws’ appeal, the apex court said “the property in question in the present case neither belongs to Amit Batra nor was it taken on rent by him nor is it a joint family property of which the husband…is a member. It is the exclusive property of the appellant No 2, mother of Anand Batra. Hence it cannot be called a ‘shared household’.”

Email: Satya Prakash:

We choose when we work … but you shall protect us always !!!

We choose when we work….  but you shall protect us round the clock !!

Women want protection anywhere and everywhere. Interestingly they want equal rights as well

Some few women, may 3 … 4 out of millions of women in Bangalore were attacked at night when returning from work……

Immediately a huge hue and cry was raised -> thanks to the networking women do

Exasperated, the state said, they can protect women only to some extent…. and if they women want further safety, let us regulate when women would work for e.g. let NOT women do night shifts etc in every small shop and petty establishment. The state tried to ban night shifts for women, that too outside the IT industry !!

Lo and Behold !! All the feminists of the world woke up and claimed !!  We choose when we work

Now the state has withdrawn the night shift ban !!. Withdrawal of night shift ban welcomed

So what next ???

armies of men to protect them thru the night ??

Well….well….well….. what to say ?

regards, vinayak

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Convicted Husband serves even in a Jail !! …Bangalore’s jailhouse doc … was this another FALSE case ??

Bangalore’s jailhouse doc
31 May, 2007 l 0256 hrs ISTlPushpa Narayan/TIMES NEWS NETWORK

BANGALORE: When Dr M Basavaraj finishes surgery, he walks back to his cell in the central prison, Parapana Agrahara. The 100-bed prison hospital had been without a surgeon for many years. Their search ended when the doctor came in to serve his seven-year sentence for dowry harassment.

Now, clad in the inmate’s white-kurta-pyjama, Basavaraj looks like any other prisoner. But, every morning or whenever there’s a medical emergency, his cell doors are thrown open and he rushes to the hospital. In the past two years, he’s performed 200 surgeries. He is also the “unappointed” prison surgeon and doubles as the ‘night doctor on call’ as four physicians employed in the hospital leave at dusk. In 2005, 13 years after his wife committed suicide, the doctor, who’s worked at several government hospitals in Karnataka, as well as in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi and Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai, was jailed in this prison, near Bangalore.

“After 6 pm, the doors of my barracks open whenever there is a medical emergency. I do my best to help people around with the little facilities here,” says the surgeon who has expertise in minimal access (keyhole) surgery. He has kept the minor operation theatre busy with removal of tumours, sutures and some infectious swellings as well. “Many times I have asked the authorities to rush them to another hospital as there aren’t enough facilities here to handle emergencies such as heart or brain attacks,” he said. “With little more equipment and back-up systems, a good theatre can handle more minor surgeries like appendicitis and hernia. The jail authorities have promised them,” says Basavaraj.

DIG (Prison) B S Abbai is not sure if permission would come for better facilities but he knows when Basavaraj completes his term he would have offers from leading hospitals. “I help him get the latest updates in surgery through medical journals and books. The rules don’t permit us to let him browse the internet. He learns about the books from his friends and places orders,” he said.

Jail psychiatrist Dr P Rajani says: “Two years ago, Dr Basavaraj was shattered. He thought his career was ruined and his future was bleak. Today, he seems more confident.” Basavaraj agrees. “When I walk out I’ll get back to the hospitals that I worked for. But, even then I would continue my service to this place. For me, this place is something special.”

News from Chennai Online. ..Anticipatory bail for Prashanth..

News from Chennai Online

Anticipatory bail for Prashanth

Chennai,May 30:

A Sessions Court today granted interim anticipatory bail to Tamil actor T Prashanth and three members of his family who apprehended arrest in connection with a complaint lodged by his wife Grihalakshmi with the city police alleging dowry harassment.

Granting the anticipatory bail for three months to the actor, his father, mother and sister, the Principal Sessions Judge V Periyakaruppiah directed them to furnish personal bonds for rs 5,000 each with two sureties each for a like sum to the satisfaction of the sixth metropolitan magistrate.

Prashanth and his wife were present in court at the request of their respective advocates and the city public prosecutor.The case was heard in the judge’s chamber and the possibilities of a rapprochement between the couple were explored.

Both of them agreed for settling the dispute through mediation and the judge posted the matter before the mediation centre of the family court on June 18.

The judge observed that they had genuinely expressed their intention to resolve their differences and come together that day.

Considering the facts and circumstances of the case and that the dispute between them was likely to be settled before the mediation centre, the judge said he was inclined to grant anticipatory bail.

Originally, Prashanth had filed a petition before the family court seeking restoration of conjugal rights, though, initially, his wife had filed a petition seeking rs one lakh as maintenance per month. She had subsequently filed another petition expressing her intention to join with her husband along with her one-year-old child.

While two conciliation proceedings were held in the family court and the matter posted to June 18 for mediation, she had lodged a complaint with the Commissioner of Police on May 7, alleging dowry harassment, following which Prashanth and members of his family applied for anticipatory bail. (Our Correspondent)
Published: Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Do any of you know this UK Based NRI ? . News item “..NRI booked for harassing wife..”

  1. Do any of you know this UK Based NRI ? Is this a genuine case or is this also yet another false case ?

    T.O.I. News report : ====
    “..NRI booked for harassing wife..”
    24 May, 2007 l 0000 hrs ISTlPTI


    A Non-Resident Indian and his family settled in London were booked here for dowry harassment after the NRI’s wife lodged a complaint accusing them of subjecting her to mental and physical torture, police said on Wednesday.

    Following a complaint at the women’s police station by Uzma, a native of Bhopal working with the UK government, a case of dowry harassment was registered against her husband Ali Ahmed, his mother and brother, they said.

    The complainant accused her husband of subjecting her to mental and physical torture for meeting his dowry demands, and infidelity.

    She claimed her family had given Ali Rs 10 lakh for renewal of visa and helped him establish his business in the UK.


Is the word of a wife enough to arrest and defame a man’s family ??

Is the word of a wife enough to arrest

and defame a man’s family ??

========== news item ===========

Tribune India
Regional Briefs : PUNJAB


Dowry arrests: Police arrested Rakesh Sekhri husband of Sunaiyna, a resident of Batala, Sudesh her mother in – law and Naresh, father in-law were arrested late in the evening on Thursday under Sections 406, 498 A IPC. Three were arrested after a raid by the police party at their residence in Jalandhar for harassing Sunaiyna for dowry. The accused were remanded to police custody for the recovery of dowry articles. Sunaiyna had alleged that her husband, in-laws, sister in-laws and their husbands used to mistreat and harass for dowry.

============= end of news item ===========

Comments :

Women are filing dowry cases like ordering for Pizzas

Please look at the case above. Its just the word of the woman that has landed an entire family in Jail …

Is this the democracy we all fought for ?

From Shivaji to Tipu sultan to Nana Sahib to Ghokale to Ghandhi, men have fought equally if not more for the so called freedom

Men have sacrificed heir lives in every battle with Pakistan and every battle with China

Today the same men are being slaughtered in the alter of FALSE DOWRY CASES, just on the word of the woman

FALSE DOWRY cases are being filed by the dozens all over India and even the supreme court of India is aware of the Rampant misuse of sec 498A of IPC

When that is the situation why are arrests being made WITHOUT A TRIAL ??


Even a thief is arrested AFTER a court trial…

Why are husbands considered worse than petty thief and common criminals ?

Fight against this injustice

Fight for gender equality

Fight for due respect to elders (the father and mother in this case) and in every case

Fight for the rights of all citizens including senior citizens

regards, vinayak

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